TBM-Trust.com Review: TBM Trust a Scam?

Welcome to our TBM Trust review. TBM-Trust.com is a website claiming to offer services in trading, risk diversification and hedging.

TBM-Trust.com claims that their goal is to preserve and grow your capital.

However, their financial management service is similar to that of a high yield investment program.

A few examples of websites that operate like this particular one are 24deposit, Quantum Mining, IncreditFX and Cash Mining.

TBM-Trust.com also claims that 60% of the profits will be given to investors while 40% goes to maintenance of their platform.

Because this is an industry dominated by scams and there are hundreds of websites that solicit money from the public, it can be difficult to establish the truth regarding the operations of the platform.

Therefore, in this review, we will let you know whether it’s safe to put money into TBM-Trust or not.

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TBM-Trust.com review

While they claim to invest in Forex, Cryptocurrencies, mining and ETFs, the truth is that investors need assurance that trading is happening and that their deposit will generate returns.

Looking at their website, we find that most of the content here is of promotional nature.

It seems that the website administrator just copy-pasted the content from a rival website.

This is not something we expect from a website that purports to offer professional investment services.

They claim that their business is made up of traders, analysts, consultants and “like-minded” people.

It would make a lot of sense if they talked about their company background and the people who work for them.

At the moment, they only provide generic information about TBM-trust.com and the people who are allegedly working for them.

The only thing that is known about the platform is the launch date of their website.

According to who.is, the website for TBM-Trust.com was created in February 2018.

Of course it’s registered anonymously which can be worrying especially if you imagine that the anonymous owner of this website is soliciting money from the public.

For them to operate within the confines of the law, they should have a regulator’s license.

We know that this website does not have one.

TBM-Trust.com review: why this is a scam

After all has been said and done, investors like you and me have to use their heads to judge the situation.

They claim to make money from Forex, Crypto, Agricultural stocks, Crypto mining and IPOs.]

The fact that TBM-trust.com does not have evidence of their investment activities on these financial products says a lot about the anonymous person running this website.

Proof of investment in these financial products can come in form of verifiable trading history.

This has not been provided by the website simply because they neither trade nor invest in these financial instruments.

Another thing that we’re concerned with is the ownership of TBM Trust.

Whoever owns this website does not wish to disclose their identity.

They just want to hide behind the internet while persuading gullible people to send them money.

They lie that this money is going to be traded through the financial markets.

However, as experience has taught us about TBM-Trust.com and other HYIPs, we know that this is a different thing from the usual investment that we all know about.

This has nothing to do with trading because it’s clear that TBM-trust.com is actually running a ponzi scheme project.

They basically collect money from gullible people and split profits among themselves.

90% of the funds will be stolen by the owner of this shady website while 10% will be shared among “investors” or victims so to speak.


TBM-Trust.com is literally a scam. There’s nothing to hope for when you send them a huge check.

They can’t even explain how they generate returns from deposits. Their website is just full of marketing fluff.

Some of the text does not even make sense. But they want to taken serious nonetheless.

Stay away from TBM-trust.com or any other website that solicits funds from you claiming that they’ll trade and return a profit.

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