Review: Cash Mining a Scam?

Welcome to Cash Mining review. Cash Mining is a supposed Crypto cloud mining service hosted at

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They even provide 6 Crypto mining packages for investors to subscribe to. Returns of those packages are too good to be true.

The minimum return that Cash-mining will allegedly generate from their SHA-256 mining algorithm is 0.0012459BTC per month.

This is out of a 0.00307603 BTC investment. On the other hand, the maximum they claim to generate out of a 0.71911937 BTC investment is 0.14949 BTC per month.

They claim to be a UK registered company as well. This is to make the operation look more legitimate.

But according to, the domain of the website was registered in April 2020. This means that the company and its website is very new.

Before you actually spend Bitcoins on a website like Cash Mining, you need to read this review to be certain whether or not they’re offering a viable investment opportunity.

Cash mining review

Note: You can make money by trading Crypto rather than trying to mine it in 2020. Just use a proper Crypto bot and a reliable exchange to automate your trades. 

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Cash Mining review is claiming that their company is called Bitcoin MiningGo limited.

This is a brand new company that was registered in the UK in February 2020. They’ve not built any reputation yet and so is their website.

The company files the nature of their business as “Non-specialised wholesale trade”.

This shows just how shady this website is because if they can’t be honest about their financial activities, nothing can convince us that they’re trustworthy.

The registrar of companies in the UK does not even know that CashMining is soliciting money from members of the public with the promise that they’ll generate a ROI for their consumers. review: This is a Bitcoin scam

The company is associated with one director called MUGHAL, Waseem.

Nothing is known about MUGHAL Waseem. It means they do not have any background in trading or in blockchain technology.

At the same time, their website claims that mining hardware is already running.

They also claim to generate daily payout but the question is whether the advertised returns will be paid to investors.

In short, Cash-mining does not have any Bitcoin mining hardware. They didn’t produce any proof.

No rigs at all. If the opposite was true, we’re sure they would have done everything within their means to make this point clear.

They would have used maps and videos that clearly show where their mining rigs are and what security is there to ensure that everything is safely running.

They’ve also resorted to using Bitcoin transaction data that does not correspond to that of their victims.

This is a function of the template which Cash-Mining uses in order to convince investors that the transactions are real and payouts are being made.

While we’re able to verify the blockchain transactions on, the truth is that these transactions have nothing to do with Cash Mining.

The information is being pulled out of using a special widget.

The anonymous owner of Cash-Mining is probably running a Bitcoin ponzi scheme project.

Cash-mining is actually similar to scams like Indigo Coin,, Intel Mining etc.

Cash-Mining might pay or it might fail to pay. There is no guarantee that they will actually return any ROI.

Furthermore, the people who will get a small pay from their “investments” are those who joined before you.

When the owner of this rogue website figures out that he has paid out enough, he can simply quit and run away with 90% of the balance.

Most of the time their web host shuts down their websites after several complaints from members of the public.


If you want to be defrauded by a Bitcoin thief, the surest way to give a thief a chance is to send your Bitcoins to the thief’s wallet.

He will then celebrate and give a sigh of relief. He will even lure you by giving a bit of the “profit” and persuading you to “invest more”.

There’s no guarantee that they’ll mine more Bitcoins for you. They don’t run any mining rigs.

There’s no way to generate additional Bitcoins. Keep of cheap scams like Cash Mining.

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