About Us

This website is about brokers, Crypto exchanges, trading educators, their products and services! We also help victims of fraudulent Forex and Crypto companies recover their lost money through chargebacks.

Our aim is to offer insightful reviews where we expose cons and give credit to those who are doing their job well.

Through our website, we hope to see an enlightened generation of traders and investors.

There is no getting-rich-quickly in trading. This sort of thing is only “available” on websites that are run by scammers.

Also, we do not endeavor to hurt or look down upon the work of anyone.

And our aim is not to write negative reviews only.

If you feel that we’ve wronged you by discussing your company in a negative way, please understand that we analyzed your product and felt it never brought any value to the customer.

We can always go back and rewrite the review. But this will only happen if vendors make reasonable changes that bring value to the user.

Please note that vendors who resort to underhand tactics like blackmail, abuse etc will not be tolerated.

If you feel the review is inaccurate, you should consider contacting us via email so we can discuss that matter.

Otherwise, we hope that by doing the work that we do best, our audience will be educated and will always make an informed decision before they ever make a purchase.

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