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Cryptocurrency Trading Scams

GPBots Review: My take on Scam

On 27th, September 2023, I visited a website called They say if I sign up, I’ll be given a chance to earn 1% daily ROI from Bitcoin arbitrage trading. I will also be awarded bonuses as I climb up the matrix. Unfortunately the link to the registeration page is dead or at least not […]

Cryptocurrency Trading Scams Review: Yes it’s 100% SCAM

Have you heard or visited a website called This website also claims that the entity behind the platform is called Bittup24 Financial Company. It masquarades as a legitimate Crypto exchange where people can buy, sell and trade Crypto. The illegitimate Crypto exchange is owned and operated by a person using a Hank Weizen pseudo. […]

Cryptocurrency Trading Scams

Bitmart Review: 5 Reasons is a Scam

Bitmart masquarades as a Crypto exchange where users can trade Crypto derivatives and HodL for profit. Bitmart is also claiming to help traders buy and sell NFTs respectively. The website allegedly offers over 1500 different Cryptocurrencies for trading. All of this is offered through a shady website whose domain is While investigating the background […]

Cryptocurrency Trading Scams

Scam Alert: Review aka Genesis Ramp aka Genesis Ramp operates as a Cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania. The official website first appeared online in March 2022 and according to this domain snooping tool, the registration of is supposed to expire in exactly one year. For the purpose of this review, we will use and Genesis Ramp interchangeably since they […]