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Cryptocurrency Trading Scams

App Bitcoin Future Review: A Scam (Keep off

App Bitcoin Future is a website that deals in the area of Distributed Ledger Technology and in Crypto exchange transactions. The website is accessible from and aims to steal from people who wish to quickly exchange from one Crypto to another. Furthermore, the platform is offering “crazy profit” for any given transaction. Before you… Read More »App Bitcoin Future Review: A Scam (Keep off

Scam Alert: Review aka Genesis Ramp aka Genesis Ramp operates as a Cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania. The official website first appeared online in March 2022 and according to this domain snooping tool, the registration of is supposed to expire in exactly one year. For the purpose of this review, we will use and Genesis Ramp interchangeably since they… Read More »Scam Alert: Review aka Genesis Ramp

CryptoBit-Trade Review: is a Fraud

  • by presents a fake Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. The fraudulent broker is lying that their platform offers 24/7 trading using an auto trading algorithm and is able to pay an incentive of up to $2,000 (if you refer family and friends). All the promises of this website turn out to be false, and if… Read More »CryptoBit-Trade Review: is a Fraud

The Crypto Code Review: The Get-Rich-Quick Scam!

Since 2017, The Crypto Code ( has been peddling a bogus get-rich-quick trading system and scamming investors thousands of dollars. How exactly do these scammers achieve their goal? Well, they basically capitalized on the era of the Bitcoin frenzy which started around 2017. During this time, the Crypto Code folks launched a very convincing sales… Read More »The Crypto Code Review: The Get-Rich-Quick Scam!

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