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Prop Trading Firms

Top Tier Trader Review: Its a Scam (

Welcome to our Top Tier Trader review. The website is operating from the URL and the agenda is to lie to you that you will receive funding up to 600K if you can only pay the company an upfront fee. The company wants you to pay a minimum of $255, and they claim that […]

Prop Trading Firms Review: A Dirty Scam (Avoid) is the new “fund my trading account for free” scheme. The so-called proprietary trading company is supposedly funding promising traders worldwide. In fact, they want to give $200,000 of free trading money if students pass two trading tests, one on the demo account and the other on a live account. FundedNext further claims that […]

Prop Trading Firms Review: A Den of Thieves at FTMO

The website of FTMO begins by stating that “Forex traders are wanted”. They pretend that students will be offered an opportunity to partner with their proprietary trading firm where they earn 70% of profits. As always, a trading combine or evaluation phase is involved, where FTMO charges an upfront fee to trade on a simulator, […]

Prop Trading Firms

Trade View Investments Review: Is a Scam?

Welcome to the Trade View Investments review. TradeView Investments is an Australian-based prop trading firm owned and operated by Robert Bubalovski and a bunch of aggressive sales people. When we say “aggressive sales people,”, we mean they’ll go to every forum on the internet to promote services while doing everything they can to defend […]