Quantum Mining Review: The quantummining.tech Scam

Quantummining.tech tells Bitcoin mining enthusiasts that they can generate 7% daily return out of their mining activities.

Because of the too good to be true returns, most people who have mined Bitcoin before are wondering whether Quantum Mining Tech is legit or scam.

Thankfully, this review should clear the air once and for all.

We’ll make it clear whether this website is a scam like Devere Crypto, Crypto Arbitrage VIP and so on.

Even when Quantummining.tech is proclaiming to change the future of Bitcoin mining, we have to look at facts and use logic to judge whether they can deliver what they’re advertising on their website.

By the way, their websites contains statements that are gimmicky in nature.

With these overly promotional statements, one would find it quite difficult to believe that Quantum Mining Tech can generate any returns out of Bitcoin cloud mining.

Quantum Mining Review

We start our review by discussing ownership information.

“Quantum Team” are introduced using stock photos and pseudos.

They also claim to be operating from Scandinavia, at the same time giving us a Cayman Islands.

As it is, we have no idea who owns or runs Quantum mining.

According to the website’s promotion materials, Quantum Mining was created in 2017.

However, according to who.is, their website was registered in December 2019. In addition to this, their website is registered anonymously.

What this means is that Quantum Mining Tech is trying to create the impression that they’ve been around for quite some time.

They want to make it look as if they have been running the business for a while even when the truth is that their website Quantummining.tech is just a couple of months old.

Quantum Mining.tech Review: their claim to fame

QuantumMining.tech claims to use custom-build mining equipment to optimize the process of Bitcoin mining.

They further claim that each mining machine is modified to increase output and efficiency.

We feel that their explanation is quite generic in nature.

In fact, the statements published on the Quantum Mining website appear to have been directly copy pasted from another website.

Why Quantum Mining is most likely a scam

QuantumMining.tech also claims to have won 2020 innovation awards.

We don’t know whether such an award exists and if it does, we want to know whether this award was held and who recognized Quantum Mining Tech for this award.

Again, there is no answer to the above. It appears the owner just decided to slap a budge on this website to create the impression that they’re legit.

They also claim to combine Crypto mining with trading. The truth is that there is neither mining nor trading of Bitcoin.

The person they call your account Manager is actually the scammer that will persuade you to deposit more money.

Furthermore, Quantum Mining Tech is demanding a very high minimum deposit.

Typically, these websites don’t ask for $1,000 and in fact majority of legit Crypto mining websites will let you start with a small amount.

However, it appears that Quantum Mining Tech is run by thieves who are extremely greedy.

They want to steal in bulk rather than collecting pennies every time a victim converts.


Quantum Mining tech is your regular Bitcoin mining fraud.

We believe that as soon as you deposit the $1,000, your account manager will begin the calling in order to persuade you to deposit more money.

You have the option to ignore them or get persuaded. Either way, their intention is to steal money from you.

There’s no way Quantum mining tech can be legit. Just look at their alleged returns and you should know that the owner is taking you for a ride.