Best Forex Robot: A List of highly Recommended FX Robots

Is something called the best Forex robot a reality? Most people are searching for the best Forex robots but have no idea how to go about it or what things to take into consideration before purchasing a Forex robot.

This guide has information on what robots are most recommended for use depending on your financial goals. We’ll get started by providing quick description to the best Forex robots as well as where they can be found.

If you’re looking for profitable Forex robots, these links will be convenient and of help to you. Good luck.

This is a highly recommended Forex robot by Mark Larsen that costs $149. The algorithm was developed by a group of private traders who consistently make 30% monthly returns. Mark describes the Forex robot as highly efficient as it looks for short term movements in the market and uses its highly accurate price prediction ability to win the trades.

GPS Forex Robot review

It is for traders who want consistent monthly returns of between 5-10%. It appears to blend scalping with swing trading but what I like about it is the stability of its trading. I recently got a copy of the GPS Forex robot 3 and I can say the results are amazing. However, take note that this Forex robot is not for the greedy. If you're looking for quick returns, you'll be disappointed.

That's why this Forex robot is meant for people who understand that Forex trading is not an avenue for getting rich overnight. It's the game of people who understand that we win but once in a while we take a few losses here and there. It's part of the game. If you understand this fact, you will be happy with the GPS Forex trader. You can buy it here.

Soft4FX works like a Forex robot buy costs $99 (one-time payment). It works with 33 Forex pairs, Gold, Silver, oil and 12 stocks. It syncs very nicely with your MT4 account. However, this is not an automated trading robot.

It is a tool that students use when they want to fast-forward the learning process. Unlike paper trading or demo trading (which takes time to learn and master, Soft4FX lets you replay market from a selected date, and it shows you economic news, charts and indicators as if they were live.

automated trading Soft4FX

It basically trades historical data which is a better and faster way to learn Forex than other methods. You can also skip the less important periods of trading to focus on the days you want to simulate. This way, learning will be quick and efficient. Try it here.

Would you like to learn how to day trade? The Day Traders fast track program is what you need to become a successful trader.

i am a day trader review

Students are trained in the members area where they receive free indicators for MT4, TradeStation, Ninja Trader 7, Ninja Trader 8 and ThinkorSwim platforms.

In addition to this, you will learn useful trading strategies, full support and week;y Q and A sessions.

If you want to build a career in trading, the Day Traders Fast Track program is for you and you can check it out here.

How to find the best Forex robot

We always review Forex robots here (and sometimes we bast scams as well) but have never told you what to look for in a good, profitable FX robot.

(a) Trading performance

While trading performance cannot be used to judge how a Forex robot will perform in the future, it can be used to give traders an overview of the expected performance.

Most reputable Forex robot developers have a myfxbook account or at least an FXBlue account which they use to demonstrate the success of their projects.

If a Forex robot is backed by any of these proofs of performance, it is a good sign that the developer is taking their work serious and have nothing to hide.

(b) Low draw down

The best Forex robot will have a reasonable draw down. We’re not saying that draw down is a bad thing or that it is possible to trade without this setback.

In trading, there are times we will win and times we will lose. That’s just ow trading is and we cannot avoid it. Good draw down is between 10%-20%. Anything outside these numbers would mean that the developer is risking too much or is not using proper risk management practices in their Forex trading robot.

(c) Pricing

The developer has to find a sweet spot between quality and pricing. The best Forex robot will be affordable to the masses in general or at least the developer could create a plan that fits all traders with different pocket levels.

Most Forex robots start at $200 (this is considered the average price) but we’ve seen other automated Forex tools costing as much as $2,000.

If a developer believes that they have the best trading tools and can demonstrate it, their pricing model should accommodate even that trader who wants to test the robot for $200.

They restrict the number of licenses and price them accordingly.

(d) Track record of the Forex robot developer

If the developer is well known and has a track record of creating and updating their robots regularly, this could be a good sign that you are buying from a reliable FX robot developer.

It’s easy to find out whether the developer has a track record or not. A simple Google search will do it but even ourĀ  blog will educate you on whether a particular robot developer has a track record.


With the above methods, you will not have trouble trying to find the best Forex robot. We have made your work easier by giving you links to some of the best trading tools. We know that you will not disappointed.

Most of our readers know that we protect our traders here. Have fun trading!

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