24deposit Review

Is 24deposit.com legit or a scam? Our 24deposit review is an in-depth analysis of a website that claims to offer investing solutions in Bitcoin.

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According to the website’s marketing materials, 24Deposit has the capacity to make your money grow.

They masquerade as a Bitcoin investment service similar to Quantum Mining Tech, Cash-mining.com and Blue Forex Limited.

The website also claims that you can get started with as little as $35.

We tried calculating what $35 deposit would generate at the end of the day but the website’s calculator function rejected it, insisting that we needed a deposit of 5000 BTC.

This is a mistake that can easily be corrected. However, it looks like 24deposit is not interested in doing so.

All they’re interested in is to tell investors that 24 deposit is offering high and stable returns, timely accrual of profits for each client, automation of trading processes and improved asset management methods.

We have also looked at the income figures in the various investment plans which they tout on the official website.

What we realize is that these ROIs are too good to be true. In fact, they resemble what only a scam investment website can tell its users.

So, is 24deposit a trusted website for generating “stable returns” as claimed in the marketing materials?

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24deposit review

We like investigating the history of any website that is soliciting money from the public while claiming to offer some returns.

24deposit.com was a good candidate of our investigation and review because we actually thought it was a suspicious website from the word go.

According to who.is, the domain was registered in April 2017 but according to WayBackMachine, the history of this website dates back to 2011.

What we’ve figured out is that the original domain was indeed registered in 2011.

Later on it was sold and the owner new probably pointed the old domain to the new one, which is now 24deposit.com.

The history of this website is weird because throughout the years, there has never been anything related to investing activities on the website.

They just appeared the other day and claimed to generate massive returns out of Bitcoin trading.

24deposit review: the investment plans

Even if you do not want to believe it, the truth is that the investment plans peddled on this website are not realistic.

They claim to generate 5% returns on an hourly basis and up to 90,000% after 10 hours.

Does this make sense? Absolutely not. Also, looking at the statistics involving users of 24deposit, we feel that the numbers are fabricated.

The website is barely a month old yet they claim to have registered over 4,000 accounts.

How is that even possible?

Unregulated investment website

24deposit should be regulated and properly licensed because they purport to offer investment services.

Any financial service that promises returns after a certain duration of time needs a license and they also need to disclose which countries they allow investors from.

With 24deposit, there’s nothing like a license or disclosure about the countries they allow customers from.

In fact, 24 deposit is 100% anonymous in the sense that we do not know who owns or runs the website.

They have just provided one stock photo with no name at all.


You should never throw away your money just like that.

A legit investment service must be regulated and must be 100% transparent on how they invest their clients’ funds.

There’s no excuse. If you can see why this is a scam, you can never fall for any other investment scam.

Thanks for reading our 24deposit review. We’d like to see your comments and feedback.

One Response to 24deposit Review

  1. Thomas Morrison says:

    Playing dirty games with innocent peoples’ money.
    Dirty games, dirty site.
    Noone gets money back.

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