Blue Forex Limited Review: Is Legit?

Today’s review is about Blue Forex Limited. Blue Forex Limited touts the “most advanced and innovative trading platform”.

Features of their alleged trading platform include “ease of use, 24/7 support and tight security”.

Blue Forex Limited claims that they’re trading 2 highly demanded financial assets. These include Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

They even claim that they’re building a business where honesty is at the core of their operations.

The question is whether Blue Forex Limited is different from Fund Aimer, Quantum Hedge Fund, or Crypto Arbitrage VIP.

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Blue Forex Limited Review

Very little is known about BlueForexLimited. Company information has not been disclosed.

This is the same case with people who manage the website. They are anonymous.

The motive behind this is not clear but it is consistent with a very common pattern among investment scams.


According to, Blue Forex Limited was created in October 2019.

This means that their website is very new. They don’t have any reputation just yet.

We don’t like their website because it is very economical with information. We don’t know how they work because no account details or trading packages have been introduced.

They just want traders or investors to sign up and from there, we suspect they’ll be given more information on how to proceed.

Why BlueForexLimited is just a scam

When writing reviews, we consider several things. We consider how transparent the vendor of the product is.

We consider the depth of information provided on the website in addition to the track record and reputation of the people who work for the website.

Unfortunately, Blueforexlimited does not tick any of the checklists hence we conclude that it is a mere investment scam.

We believe that BlueForexLimited is operating like a High Yield Investment Program.

Victims need to sign up and once they have gained access to the website’s dashboard, they will be persuaded to choose one of the “investment plans” in order to earn a ROI.

It is however not clear why Blue Forex Limited isn’t providing information about their investment plans.

This is clearly not a trading operation because if indeed they were offering trading services for Forex and Crypto, they would be offering the legendary MT4 trading platform where users would trade for themselves.

They would also display their regulatory information on their official website because the kind of service they offer needs a license from the financial regulator in their jurisdiction.


Whatever money you put into Blue Forex Limited will definitely be lost.

There’s no way an anonymous person on the internet can truly operate with 100% honesty.

Furthermore, it’s not clear what trading or investing service that BlueForexLimited is offering.

All of these considerations are very important because they are important indicators which suggest that the website is intending to defraud investors.

Thanks for reading our review. If you’d truly like to invest in Forex, stick with the usual recommendations and find a good broker to start trading with.