Incredit Fx Review: Investment Scam?

This Incredit FX review focuses on the company’s wealth management, banking and private investment services.

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Incredit FX promotion materials proclaim that individuals look up to them for advice, expertise and opportunity in order to protect and grow their portfolio.

Incredit FX also proclaims that leading companies in over 50 countries rely on their financial resources and expertise to grow their businesses and manage risks.

The website goes on to state that they fulfill every kind of banking and investment need in Switzerland.

Before recommending or disregarding Incredit FX as a financial service provider, we’ll look at the company background and track record.

Do they provide legit trading services? How profitable are their wealth management services?

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Incredit FX review

Looking at the background of the company (Incredit FX Capital Ltd), we realize that the firm is allegedly registered and licensed in Vanuatu island.

On the other hand, Incredit FX Capital Ltd claims to have established its networks in Switzerland, providing banking and financial services to residents of this country.

If this is the case, then we expect the company to have a valid license from the financial regulator of Swizerland, FINMA.

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We also don’t have trust on Vanuatu Island based brokers.

Due to the nature of the financial regulatory body in Vanuatu Island, almost everyone can start a brokerage business.

Brokers find that this jurisdiction is a tax haven and a way to evade legal challenges.

Vanuatu Island is of main focus among shady Forex brokers because obviously it’s an offshore zone.

No wonder Incredit FX Capital Ltd decided to choose to be registered in this jurisdiction.

All they needed is a small office, an operating capital of $2,000 and 2 to 3 months period to endorse their “license”.

The financial regulator VFSC does not require strict proof of company background and neither do they care to implement guidelines that would ensure safety of funds from clients of their licensed brokers.

The VFSC regulator never require frequent reporting and there are always no fines to be imposed on the offending brokers.

With this reputation, we hope you can clearly see why a company like Incredit FX Capital Ltd can afford to say they are licensed and legally providing financial services.

Promotion materials on the Incredit FX Capital website claim that the company has been operating since 2010, and are a member of Switzerland banking group.

However, according to, the website for Incredit FX Capital was registered in March 2019.

We hope you can see how their statements are contradicting. Is there any grain of truth here?

Incredit FX Review: Services offered by the company

They claim to offer 3 main types of services. These include:

  • Gold Management
  • Wealth Management
  • PAMM Investment

With regards to IncreditFX’s Gold management services, they claim to facilitate the purchase and transfer of Gold at a fee of 0.001% of the worth of Gold.

This is physical Gold and the minimum they want to deal with is 3,000g of physical Gold.

They’re basically operating like Strategic Gold. Read their review here.

In addition to this, Incredit FX allows its customers to open Gold accounts in their chosen currencies.

The interest which they charge on XAU accounts is 3% annually.

With regards to their wealth management service, Incredit FX intends to discuss their clients’ needs and risk tolerance before the client can hand over their money to a wealth manager.

They’ve provided a detailed explanation of their approach but have not mentioned the minimum deposit required to invest in this product.

They just want investors to open an account and find out for themselves.

Finally, their PAMM account works in the traditional sense where traders connect their accounts with a master account and trading activities are controlled from there.

Minimum deposit is $100,000 and Incredit FX claims that they have 16 years of experience in this.

With regards to performance, they claim to have generated 22% in their PAMM account so far.

Incredit FX review: Can we recommend their service?

Before any investment service can be recommended, ask yourself whether the trader or financial manager has a verifiable track record?

To be honest, there are conflicting reports about their trading experience.

On one hand, they claim that Incredit FXCapital has existed for 10 years, on another they proclaim 16 years of experience.

Also, track record of trading must be audited by a third party. So far, Incredit FX Capital is providing us with unverified results.

Because their minimum deposit is so high and clients won’t risk this amount when there’s no proof of successful trading, we feel that they can’t compete fairly.


IncreditFX Capital’s website has lots of content which users can read to understand how they operate.

However, a lot of content does not necessarily relate to transparency or honesty.

We are concerned with their licensing as well. Since this is an offshore broker, the thought of wiring large sums of money to this destination can be scary.

Basically, investors who look into this with a keen eye will see that Incredit FX Capital is a high risk investment opportunity.

We have always told our audience not to trust offshore brokers no matter how convincing their website is.

Thanks for reading our Incredit FX review. We look forward to your feedback.

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