Strategic Gold Review: Is a Gold Scam?

Welcome to the Strategic Gold review. Strategic Gold is a website claiming to deal in physical Gold and Silver on behalf of investors. The owner is called David Y. Williams SR and the website has been around since 2009. I expected lots of reviews and investor feedback regarding the quality of their service but didn’t find any. This is quite odd. Is this a sophisticated scam like Wellington and York Partners?

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My investigations reveal that Strategic Gold is operating in Florida, USA and they claim to sell physical Gold and Silver metals to clients.

Strategic Gold also believes that investors who choose Gold or Silver are better off in many ways compared to those who invest in other financial instruments.

Before you put your money in this project, you should probably consider reading this Strategic Gold review thoroughly because I have interesting things to say concerning their Gold selling business.

I would like to let you know (at the end of this review) whether this Gold investing business is viable or not.

Strategic Gold review

Before you proceed to buy any Gold, you need to know that the Gold market has attracted many scammers who mostly prey on the elderly or those who want to evade the main banking system due to heavy taxation and price manipulation.

strategic Gold review

There are many different types of Gold scams on the internet which you need to be aware of.

In case Strategic Gold raises any of these red flags, you should immediately know whether to carry on with your plans to invest with them or abandon ship immediately. We will have this discussion later on in this Strategic Gold review.

Strategic Gold review: products and services

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  • Gold and Silver Bullion

The process of getting started with Strategic Gold

The company requires that investors applying for a new account should at least be in a position to afford a minimum investment of 1-kilo bar.

On the other hand, those who wish to sell their Gold are welcomed to contact the website’s representatives.

The firm’s business hours are between Monday-Friday: 8:30 to 5:30 (EST).

Investors who wish to call them can do so through (239) 692-9154. Those who want to fax can use (239) 236-1514. Clients who are interested in general inquires can contact

Strategic Gold can even be found on Skype if you use strategicgoldmcw.

To get started, Strategic Gold recommends opening an account, funding it, purchasing Gold or Silver, vaulting your purchase and managing your account.

Questions arise here. For example, how do we know whether the Gold or Silver that we buy actually exist?

Secondly, do we have any guarantee that the precious metals that we bought are owned by us alone?

What is the guarantee that Strategic Gold did not sell you Gold or Silver that belongs to 30 other people?

Strategic Gold Review: What do they charge for investing with them?

Rates do change and for that reason, they ask that investors should contact an account representative.

The vault, they say, will cost you the same amount of fees whether this Gold is stored in New York, Toronto or Zurich. This is all fine and dandy but we still have other concerns before we “invest” our hard earned money.

Strategic Gold Review: The red flags

They seem to be an honest company mostly because their website is full of interesting material that you can read to understand all you need about Gold investing.

One gets the feeling that this company knows its facts right and are willing to educate investors even before they can buy.

Now, the greatest worry and question that you should be concerned with is how on earth a company that seems legit does not have any user reviews about their service.

If they’ve existed since September 2009 (according to, they should be having enough reviews from customers who have used them before. This is not the case which begs the question why?

Information and questions you ask yourself

In as much as Strategic Gold sounds like a legit company for investing in Gold, the red flags can’t be ignored and secondly, investors should be informed by reading the following information:

  • Are they reputable, well established and registered by FINRA?
  • Are the Gold coins they purport to sell Sovereign-issued bullion coins? Are they commonly hallmarked bullion coins?
  • Do they accept to discuss and let you have well-established storage arrangements?

It’s important for you to ask yourself the above questions before sending money to these guys.

Furthermore, Strategic Gold promotion materials claim the following:

Since the 1980s, we have been creating and administering innovative precious metals based investment products and solutions for individuals, families, trusts, and institutions. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most efficient, secure and cost effective direct ownership program for buying, selling and securely storing investment grade physical gold and silver bullion – the Strategic Gold Clear Title Account℠.

The first thing to note is they claim to have been creating and administering precious metals-based investment products since the 1980s yet their website was launched in 2009.

Who can explain how Strategic Gold used to operate before 2009 and without a website? This information is nowhere to be found. So it’s clear that this is fabricated experience.

They want to create the impression that they’ve been dealing in physical Gold and Silver for a very long time.

On the other hand, what investors need is absolute truth. Truth shall set us free.

How authentic is the Gold that Strategic Gold sells?

There FAQ page contains some information about Gold bars, weight and purity. However, this can be used for purposes of promoting their services and making them look legitimate in the eyes of investors.

What we need to know is whether we’re getting the real deal of counterfeit Gold? Who inspects the Gold that we’re buying from this website? There needs to be an independent reviewer from a well-established entity that can check the quality of what they claim to sell. If you believe what Strategic Gold tells you on their website, you risk being a victim of yet another Gold investment scam.

Also, in case they sell you fake Gold, you may never realize it’s in-authenticity until the day we try selling it.

Just like fake money, most guys don’t realize they have a fake dollar note unless they try using it to buy something.


We’ve disclosed lots of information about this website (Strategic Gold) and we believe investors should ask themselves this question: If Strategic Gold is a legit Gold and Silver investing company, why is the internet quiet about them? It is unusual for a company of this magnitude to run their business without any feedback from investors. Also, we don’t think they’re registered by FINRA as a legit Gold dealer or broker.

Having said this, we don’t think I can recommend Strategic Gold at this time. Thanks for reading my review.

You should probably contribute your opinion in the comment section as we’re open to feedback.

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