Wellington and York Partners Review: A Shitty Scam

Lost your Money in an online investment scam? There's something you can do!!


Welcome to the Wellington and York Partners review. Wellington and York Partners is a shady and suspicious investment operation which used to run a now defunct website called wayppress.com.

Wellington and York Partners persuades the financially-naive by claiming to offer multi asset fund which include a variety of asset classes and investment instruments.

In addition to this, the firm claims to offer “active and aggressive portfolio” products where trading involves stock picking strategies from various managers who executes short and long term trading contacts.

This website acts as a broker-dealer on behalf of the account holder meaning that “investors” give up the responsibility of managing their own accounts to this company.

A broker-dealer’s job is to execute and clear orders for transactions involving buying and selling of financial securities. This is a highly regulated industry and most countries have a strong regulatory framework.

That is the reason entities like Wellington and York Partners have decided to run their operations from an offshore location where regulations are weak and scammers can thrive.

Marketing materials on the website claim that Wellington and York Partners have continuously adapted their investment success formula since 1986.

However, we realize that their website was launched in August 2018. This means that their alleged experience is not real.

Wellington and York Partners review

Furthermore, the supposed asset managers don’t wish to expose their identity yet they expect investors to trust them with huge sums of money.

This is quite interesting and in our Wellington and York Partners review, we’ll discuss how these fraudsters operate and why you should ignore them if you ever receive an email from Wellington and York Partners or any of their associates.

Wellington and York Partners review

While this website’s marketing materials claim that they are based in Taiwan, we find that no such company was ever registered in the said country.

You can search for yourself on this website to establish the truth. So it is actually possible that Wellington and York Partners is not even a company in the first place.

Secondly, their method of operation is quite suspicious. To guide “victims” on how to get started, they’ve provided a PDF form which is to be filled with the required details and sent back to the website’s admins.

We went through this application form and only discussed that it is just a very intrusive questionnaire that exposes ones’ financial status to an anonymous entity.

The fraudsters at WellingtonandYorkPartners want to know how much you make so they can calculate the next move on you.

We suspect that once you prove to be a “qualified client’ someone from the company will give you a call to convince you to wire a specific sum to a certain offshore bank account.

This is the worst mistake you can ever make because mostly such transactions involve a lot of money which the victim is not willing to lose.

At the end of this Green Room Trading live review, we talked of how sending money to a shady offshore location was a foolish decision.

We don’t believe there are some investors who can take this risk with a shady website like Wellington and York Partners.

How Wellington and York Partners convinces naive investors

Besides the false experience which they advertise yet they are anonymous, the cowards claim to invest their clients’ money in a number of ways.

They talk of living trust and will.

They claim to have an in-house structuring desk where inflation-related structured products are talked about and handled.

They talk of having a strategy in place to consolidate investments for expats who don’t want to have bits of their investments scattered all across the globe.

They even justify why they are based in an offshore anonymous location by claiming that these regions are safe tax havens and are often seen as a bonus for investors.

Their claim to fame is that Wellington and York Partners cautions investors against inflation since banks are offering 1% annually yet inflation rate is at 3%.

They want people to believe that if their money is not working efficiently for them, Wellington and York Partners has the solution.

What you should ask yourself

Wellington and York Partners is a shady investment operation because of the following things:

  • They don’t have any investment experience which can be verified.
  • The owners or operators of this website are 100% anonymous.
  • Why did they close down their other website?
  • Why are they not licensed and properly registered in their country of operation?
  • Why do they mislead people by falsely claiming to be operating from Taiwan?
  • Where is their proof of performance?
  • How safe is it to “invest” with them?

These plus many other questions popped up in our minds after seeing many red flags on their website.


Truth is that WellingtonandyorkPartners is an investments scam that targets the old naive retired folks worrying about their money not taking them throughout the retirement phase.

It is also a scam that will not hesitate to manipulate young people with a small amount of money to invest.

This is the essence of their application form. They want to gauge whether a target is worth pursuing.

Thanks for reading our Wellington and York Partners review. Just keep off this shady website at all cost.

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