Inbitservice Review: Big Fraud (

Inbitservice masquarades as the ‘fastest growing Crypto exchange’ with lowest trading fees. The company is also lying to unsuspecting clients that it is the world’s most secure Crypto trading platform. However, what beginners may not know is that is a scam and cannot be trusted like these websites that are really comitted to helping traders and investors make money.

Actually, we had to sign up into the platform to see what they’re doing and how they are deceiving investors who deposit money into their platform. We noticed that their mode of operation is similar to that of scams like Allbit Trade, Cryptocoincenter and Bit-robot.

Inbitservice Review: Do not believe the lies

A trading platform is fused into the website so that traders can sign up and actually trade multiple Crypto pairs.

The company also claims that ‘social trading’ is possible on their platform. However, we were not able to locate this feature on their website.

Inbitservice also provides ‘investment plans’ where they defraud investors by lying to them that the company is offering staking of Crypto for profit.

The company does not disclose how they generate interest for their clients. They just want investors to load their accounts with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin before ‘investing’ in the plans.

We need more information about these plans since this feels like a clever ponzi scheme running in the background.

Inbitservice is run by anonymous people

Their marketing materials claim the broker is trusted in Europe. This could suggest that the owners of the website are based in Europe.

Now, the question is — why is the owner(s) hiding and not feeling comfortable disclosing their identity or location?

This should be the first red flag. If they can’t be transparent with you, then it is almost certain that the crooks behind the website will steal your money. So make no mistake.

How to recover your money from an Inbitservice scam

The method that we want to give you will help you recover your lost funds (assuming the thieves have taken your money and blocked you or stopped responding to your emails/calls.

The first step is to use the livechat button down below or fill the form in this review with details of Inbitservice and how much you lost.

Several victims have actually reported successful chargeback through this method when they got scammed by a very big fraud called Gladiolu Stox.

The Conclusion

InbitService is not a legit trading platform and definitely they lack the features of a fully-fledged Crypto exchange.

Their website is telling a bunch of lies to lure victims and steal from them. They lie how the company has been voted and recognized since 2019 but whois records show the website having been registered in November 2021.

This is a service that we certainly can’t trust with our money. Avoid them.