Allbit Trade Review: Is a Scam? -

Allbit Trade Review: Is a Scam?

Allbit Trade is a website claiming to provide “trust management” services through trading of Cryptocurrencies.

Allbit Trade is purporting to offer 3.3% ROI everyday forever.

The site is registered using the domain This domain was privately registered in April 2020.

The company is allegedly incorporated in the UK as Allbit Group LTD.

Allbit Trade

This statement appeared on the website’s promotional statement but we already suspect that this is a total lie.

This is because some texts on this websites are in Russian. There is a 100% chance that the admin of this website is operating from Russia and not from the UK.

Furthermore, incorporating a company in the UK does not mean much. There are all kinds of fraudsters who have incorporated their companies in Europe and are stealing from victims in the name of Cryptocurrency trading.

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Is Allbit Trade legit?

Considering that this website is privately registered and most of the traffic is coming from countries like Peru, Vietnam and Venezuela, we can comfortably conclude that this website is a scam and its admin is a fraudster.

Secondly, Allbit Trade is promising 3.3% daily return. There is no trading of Cryptocurrencies that can yield this much on a daily basis.

This ROI does not make sense from the professional trader’s perspective.

It is just too naive to believe that trading can yield this much.

And of course we’re looking at the mode of payment when depositing funds into Allbit Trade.

The faceless scammer is mostly accepting deposits in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

These are risky ways of sending money especially to people you do not know.

Furthermore, if they are saying that revenue is generated through Crypto trading, they should at least provide some evidence.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The faceless scammer is only claiming to provide revenue through this means.

And if they truly generate 3.3% per day, why does the scammer need your money?

They should just concentrate on trading and enriching themselves instead of putting up a very cheap website and making unrealistic profit claims.


Allbit Trade is a scam. Any kind of “investment” that ends up into the pockets of this admin will never be returned.

Currently, the only source of income that enters the pockets of these fraudsters is nothing but from the new deposits which they receive from naive investors.

This is basically an MLM ponzi scheme. When you see, avoid at all cost.

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