Gladiolu Stox Review: Why is a Scam

Gladiolu Stox presents a suspicious platform for trading Forex and CFDs. They even want to win our trust by announcing that they stand with Ukraine. How they do it is something they have not explained, and we suspect this is just a marketing gimmick. The broker is operating from domain, and the site is hosted in Iceland. They also claim that this website is managed by a registered corporate entity but the website’s domain is privately registered, meaning it is associated with an individual instead of a company.

We find it rather strange that this broker is new to this marketplace but suggesting that they have achieved so much. They’re even showing us some ‘awards’ which they allegedly won in 2020. But keep in mind that the broker’s website began operations in January 2022. Those awards are therefore considered fake and instead of trading with a broker that fakes everything, it is better to trade with brokers who actually have the credential and industry backing such as these Forex and CFDs brokers.

Gladiolu Stox Review: Account types and features

They provide 4 different account types, with minimum deposit starting at $250. This is the average that most Forex brokers require in order to start trading on their platforms.

But if a trader wants to upgrade, they will be required to deposit $10,000.

In our opinion, this amount is a bit high and not safe to deposit as Gladiolu Stox is still not a reliable broker that one can trust.

As usual, the broker is providing MT4 and Webtrader platforms. MT4 is mostly preferred due to the vast array of features that are included in the software. Most brokers also provide MT4 for trading (including fraudulent investment brokers and companies).

We did not find information about spreads, commission or leverage. It seems Gladiolu Stox does not want to disclose the cost involved in trading on their platform. Those who choose to sign up (we highly discourage) will only find out later when they chat with customer support.

Ideally the cost of trading should be included on the website so that traders can make decisions before they commit their investments.

Also, the broker does not have any live chat feature. They only provide an email address. This means that contacting them in real time is not going to be possible. If you have a burning issue, you must wait for hours to get a reply.

Gladiolu Stox does not have a Forex broker’s license

It is a requirement that brokers should seek licensing before they can provide financial services. Gladiolu Stox Ltd is not licensed by the local financial authority, despite falsely claiming on their website that they are authorized by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius.

They are obviously lying because they want to get as many clients as possible. They think that lying about their licensing status will make them look legitimate. What they don’t know is that soon there will be a mountain of complaints concerning them everywhere on the internet.

And we don’t encourage trading with such a broker.

What to do if you have been scammed by Gladiolu Stox

The broker is highly likely to scam you in the event that you send them the minimum deposit.

The only way you can get help is to request a chargeback by utilizing the live chat feature or filling out the form in this review.

Through this method, we recently helped victims recover their lost funds when they had been scammed by Capital CFD Market, Fxmarketpundit and LiraFX.

The Conclusion

Gladiolu Stox is a scam site pretending to offer legitimate Forex and CFDs trading services. Their website is also quite convincing and the only way to catch them lying is by doing some background investigations. Otherwise, these guys will convince you to deposit even a bigger amount which will most likely ruin you financially if you find out that you were dealing with a large scale fraud.