Capital CFD Market Review: is a Scam (Warning)

Using a bunch of lies, Capital CFD Market hopes that traders and investors will open an account with them and deposit $500. Capital CFD Market fails miserably when it comes to transparency. We doubt their physical address since they present us with conflicting information which should be treated as a red flag. This is not investing but an attempt to scam you. If you want to trade or invest, you start with these resources with the intention of slowly building up your portfolio.

Capital CFD Market Review: How the scam will be executed

Whereas their website is attractive, the people behind its operations are not interested in providing us with a good trading environment, and we also suspect that withdrawal requests will never be attended to.

That said, we feel that Capital CFD Market is presenting a risky platform to its victims. Traders wanting to use credible Forex and CFDs brokerage platforms can visit this page and pick a broker from the list of recommendations.

Meanwhile, the company is telling us how credible they are and why we should trust them. Some of the reasons they give include good customer support, safety of funds and access to a multinational team of 50+ staff that are in charge of running the affairs of CapitalCFDmarket.

They also have a whatsapp contact on their website to create that extra personal touch with their ‘customers’ or victims. This phone number will be used to contact victims and pressure them to make a deposit.

Someone called ‘Mirez’ is in charge of whatsapp communications between customers and the company.

If you listen to him, you will eventually fall for his lies because these guys have good marketing skills.

Capital CFD Market not licensed

One of the lies that this website is spreading is that the broker is licensed by the CSSF. Now, if we look at their physical address, it suggests that the broker is based in New York. On the other hand, CSSF is a Luxenbourg financial regulator and has nothing to do with regulating brokers in the US.

This is another indication that the broker is lying about their location and secondly, we understand that they are not licensed.

The reason they still insist on a CSSF license is that they want to look credible.

What to do if you have been scammed by

They are looking for people who have never lost money in a Forex scam because this category of people are the most vulnerable.

If they convinced you to open an account with them and deposit the $500 minimum deposit, then you must be sure that it will be such a hustle to withdraw the $500 from their website.

You have the option of forgeting about the money but if you had ‘invested’ a huge amount, you can use the live chat to present your case for review and if you qualify for a chargeback, you will get your money back.

You can also fill in and submit the chargeback form (for analysis) that I included in this Capital CFD Market review.

The Conclusion

Do not sign up or trade with a lying broker because there is always a reason behind the deception.

They will manipulate your trades so that your loss can appear legitimate. The truth is that these scams are also market makers and are not offering any ECN trading conditions.

Some of the Forex brokers known to manipulate trades include FXmarketpundit, Lira FX, Arvis Capital Ltd and others that we’ve not mentioned.

It also bothers us that CapitalCFDmarket does not have any customer feedback. This is weird because they give us crazy figures that represent amounts deposited and withdrawn. Those numbers are not real because if they were, the broker would have been very popular and trusted.

That said, avoid the broker no matter how they convince you. We don’t trust their trading platform either because nowhere did they mention the provision for MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms. There’s no information about spreads either. We just feel that they are not transparent. Avoid them.