Fxmarketpundit Review: Fxmarket-Pundit is a Scam (Avoid)

Fxmarketpundit pretends to be a reliable Forex broker that all of us can trust with our trading needs. The website (fxmarketpundit.com) is however full of red flags. Not only is the broker based in an offshore jurisdiction, but is offering the outlawed binary options in the EU jurisdiction where they are banned. Do you see how Fxmarket pundit is breaking the law? How do you trust that they will protect your investment?

Fxmarketpundit Review: First impression

When you first visit the website, you get the impression that FXmarket-pundit is a profesisional FX and CFDs broker that will not cheat you.

Their website provides most of the basic information that we need to know before signing up. Of course there is also a lot of exaggeration.

For example, they claim that FXmarket Pundit guarantees 30 ms execution time. They also claim that spreads start at 0.0 pips.

We get the impression that we will be in safe hands if we sign up and make our first deposit. But wait!

Is FXmarketpundit licensed?

Fxmarketpundit International Ltd is the company that runs this brokerage. It appears that this is just a shell company since the entity is also in charge of Fxmarketpundit EU Ltd, which they claim is regulated by the Cysec.

This claim is suspicious because we couldn’t find evidence that the broker is regulated by Cysec.

Another interesting claim is that the broker holds an Australian financial services license. This license should be issued by ASIC and not any other entity. Unfortunately, the license is nowhere to be seen. It remains to be an empty statement.

In short, the broker is not licensed. Just like LiraFX, they are thriving on deception to win the trust of clients.

What to do if FXmarket pundit steals your money and blocks you from accessing your account

Because this broker is fraudulent in nature, they are likely going to steal your money at some point.

Do not mind it if they block your account after stealing from you because this is a common thing.

Instead, you should be concerned with how to recover your lost money. You can achieve this by utilizing the live chat down below or reporting your case using the form in this review.

The Conclusion

The broker is an obvious scam. We don’t even know where they are operating from since their physical address is kind of vague. In one hand, they are in Australia and on another, they are in the EU. Which is which?

All in all, avoid this corny broker. And if you are just starting out, look for these Forex signal provider or investment services to kickstart your journey in trading.