Review: The Bit Robot Scam

The website is purporting to provide access to an investment platform where clients can gain passive returns from Cryptocurrencies.

The Bit Robot website is registered under a corporation known as ROBOTS SOLUTION LIMITED.

ROBOTS SOLUTION LIMITED was incorporated in July 2020 and the CEO’s name is Laurent Barthelemy.

They even disclose that Laurent Barthelemy has been involved in MLM marketing between 2011 and 2013.

In addition to this, is claiming to be associated with Incrementum LTD.

Incrementum LTD is a website that offers managed trading accounts (MAM) in collaboration with a company called Equiti Capital UK Limited.

We’re not quite sure whether the CEO of is also the owner of review

However, what we can confirm is that all the entities associated with Bit Robot have no known track record of successful trading.

If you want to become a profitable Crypto trader, you can only focus on investing using professional software or services.

Is legit?

We do not believe that Bit Robot is a legitimate website for investing in the Cryptocurrency marketplace.

They even claim to trade other markets such as Forex, Gold, Stocks, and shares.

This is not true since the website does not show us proof of their trading activities. platform is also claiming that they have generated 100% returns on investment for their clients.

30% is deducted from the profits and they also claim 24/7 availability, efficient automated trading and other “advantages”.

The fact of the matter is that scammers are now registering companies in the UK because it is easy to do so and it also adds a level of legitimacy.

They simply use a virtual office to register these shady investment companies.

The fact that they are admitting to have been involved in ponzi scheme business means that is not so clean.

It is the same thing they are doing at while lying to investors that the platform is trading Crypto for profits.


A lot of people will be fooled by ponzi scheme and definitely lots of gullible investors will be tricked before they get ripped off.

You must avoid Bit Robot at all cost because it is not a legitimate source of income.

It is a legitimate source of getting robbed on the internet.