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Welcome to Dexau Enterprise LLC review. Dexau Enterprise claims to offer investment opportunities in high yield bonds, structured credit, senior loans, real estate and arbitrage trading.

They also claim to manage global equity portfolios for institutional investors across the world.

Dexau Enterprise marketing materials promise daily and monthly returns depending on the plan that “investors” will choose.

The minimum “investment” is $25 only but there’s also another plan that starts at $50.

Dexau Enterprise also claims that their main offices are in Cayman Island but they also operate in US, Europe and Hong Kong.

Definitely the US considers their services illegal because the unregulated Dexau Enterprise is soliciting funds from members of the public with the promise that “investors” will earn a ROI.

ROIs promised by this website are as high as 63% monthly. We find these figures quite ridiculous.

Furthermore, they claim that the company has existed for the last 12 years. However, according to, the website was launched in July 2019.

Dexau Enterprise review

There’s no evidence that Dexau Enterprise or the anonymous people working for this company have the alleged experience.

Do you still trust this website to provide a viable investment solution? Read our Dexau Enterprise review because we have some interesting things to say concerning this service.

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Dexau Enterprise review

It appears that whoever put this website together was more skilled than your average fraudster.

Dexau Enterprise LLC uses the same methodology as South West Capital Partners to deceive investors.

Their story is quite convincing. Their investment methodology is equally convincing, although there’s always a sense of vagueness in how they relay their investment strategy to the financially naive.

This is the number one red flag to consider when engaging illegal financial activities such as Dexau Enterprise.

Dexau Enterprise proclaims in their marketing materials that they’re a “leading, privately-held alternative investment firm”.

They further proclaim to be in control of $13.25 millions of investment across a wide range of credit and real estate strategies.

All of these self-proclamations cannot be verified. It is hard to believe that a website that is merely a year old can attain success of this magnitude.

Furthermore, Dexau Enterprise LLC does not appear to be a registered company anywhere in the world.

The folks behind this website never registered it at all. Yet they claim to have a company in place.

In another part of their marketing material, they mistakenly refer to their brand as Gaston Harvey.

Gaston Harvey appears to be yet another ponzi scheme operating in a similar fashion to Dexau Enterprise.

Regardless, we see that this is a confusion that has come about as a result of copy-pasting of text from a rival’s website.

Besides this, we’ve looked at their “investment” plans and we can’t help but wonder what these guys are up to.

Dexau Enterprise review: The investment plans

There are 2 investment plans offered by this website. These include ROE63 Plan and ROE7 Plan.

The first plan promises 63% monthly returns while the second one proclaims 7% daily returns.

Their investment strategy is quite vague as it does not convey any meaningful insights into what is happening behind curtains.

They claim to buy properties among engaging in other investment opportunities such as “arbitrage trading”.

Anyone who believes this crap is definitely gullible.

With such returns, Dexau Enterprise can attract the attention of the world. Remember that their website is very new and they don’t have a reputation yet despite “providing 7% daily returns to investors”.

There are many reasons why this website is an obvious scam.

We’ve listed some of the reasons below.

Dexau Enterprise is not regulated

Cayman Island does not have strong regulations. However, the US and also Hong Kong have strong regulations were watchdogs take financial service providers very seriously.

The first thing we cannot confirm is whether this website has the alleged number of employees.

Ownership details are not know because the website is registered anonymously.

Therefore, we do not believe they can tell the truth regarding how many people collaborate to scam people through Dexau Enterprise website.

In the US, it is considered a felony to invest in these illegal investment schemes.

Good examples of scams that operate like this include Axelery Group, Oxis Group among others.

Since they are fraudulent in nature, they cannot afford to have a presence in the US for this can quickly lead to arrests.

That is why Dexau Enterprise is based in an offshore location.

Also, when a financial operation is not regulated, there’s a 100% chance that investors will lose money.

Sending money to an offshore destination is quite risky as it is almost a guarantee that you’ll never see your money again.


The only good thing about this thief is that he is asking a small deposit. Even if you lose $25, you won’t lament over the loss compared to someone who has lost $10,000 to an offshore scam.

However, we wonder why someone would even give this scam their time.

It is crystal clear that Dexau Enterprise is operating illegally. Their site is quite convincing but when you peruse some more, it becomes clear that something is wrong.

We definitely won’t recommend this website because it is not a legitimate investment operation.

Thanks for reading this Dexau Enterprise review. There’s nothing like investing in the financial or property markets. It has everything to do with a ponzi scheme that will quickly disappear with your money.

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