Axelery Group Review: is a Scam!

Welcome to the Axelery Group review.

Axelery Group is claiming to be an investment operation that uses artificial intelligence computer programs to make decisions.

Due to the development of this artificial intelligence trading robot, the company claims to have adopted a comprehensive approach to assessing the stock market.

They even claim that with tactical and strategic planning, the company is able to analyze investment risk and choice of investment areas.

Axelery Group proclaims that all the returns advertised on their investment plans are “precisely verified”.

We have no idea who verified their returns because the company is not working with any third parties to verify their alleged performance.

Furthermore, they claim to provide consistent long term results from trading.

They’re actually advertising high daily returns which makes Axelery Group look like a high yield investment operation as opposed to a genuine investment operation.

Promotion materials on the website claim that the company is headquartered in Seychelles.

Furthermore, they claim that this company is owned or at least affiliated with two persons named George Dawson and Larry Leifer.

The two were allegedly working as London stock exchange brokers in 2011 before they found Axelery Group in 2018.


This statement is of course not true because according to, the company’s website was created in September 2019.

This resembles Ablytrade scam and even their method of operation is the same.

Axelery Group Review

We can see red flags all over the website of this investment scam.

They’re currently advertising on Google to reach even more victims.

In addition to that, the company recently uploaded a YouTube video in their efforts to reach even more financially naive victims.

The names of the people associated with Axelery Group cannot be traced anywhere on the internet.

This leave us with two assumption; either these two are fictitious or real people but with no background in trading.

Surely the number of years they claim to have invested in the stock market should speak for them.

Unfortunately, these names cannot be found anywhere else expect on the Axelery Group’s website.

Fake investment plans on the Axelery Group

Apart from refusing to disclose who owns or runs the corny investment operation, these guys are soliciting funds from investors in the most awkward manner.

They’ve listed 6 “investment plans” on their website with minimum deposit starting $10.

The duration of investment across all plans is 240 days and the company even claims your principle will be returned.

Minimum daily return is 45% and up to 95%.

This is of course a big fat lie. The people running Axelery Group website are anonymous and secondly, they provide zero evidence of their investment activities in the stock market.

The worst thing is that this company never disclosed how they manage to generate these abnormal returns.

They provide vague explanation of their trading by claiming that they’re using artificial intelligence for trading.

Scammers use this a lot when they want to fill up pages or feign legitimacy.

Nothing can be trusted out of this company’s website. It looks and feels like a HYIP program because all the red flags are present.


Yet another wasted day reviewing your average scam investment operation, Axelery Group.

I hope no one falls for these simple tricks because obviously the kind of returns advertised here are unrealistic and unattainable.

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  • 585/5000
    an incomplete review was made. it does not promise 45% – 95% daily. daily profitability of the company (1-% 2-% 3, etc.) * 45% * deposit amount. Earn between 025% and 2% daily. Looking at company reports, average earnings are around 1.2%. so
    1.20% * 50% = 06% * Deposit ($ 100) = $ 0.6 daily earnings. As a result, approximately 150% profit + deposit (8 months) in maturity.

    I just look objective. But I can’t comment on the scam or not. Scan results related to the domain name are 100% safe.
    There are several documents on the site, but I do not know how valid they are. Sorry for bad english.