South West Capital Partners Review: An Illegal Scam?

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Welcome to the South West Capital Partners review.

South West Capital Partners masquerades as a platform where individuals can invest in “hundreds of fixed rate investments”, building societies and financial institutions.

Investors of this platform are told that they will earn more interest income with limited to no risk at all.

The minimum deposit to open an account at South West Capital Partners is £5,000.

However, if “Investors” are referred to this company by Tilney Adviser or St James Place Wealth Management Partner, they will have access to a “range of sterling Fixed Term Deposit Accounts”.

In addition to this, the referred clients will be required to deposit £1,000 as opposed to £5,000.

Our investigations reveal that is a very new website as its domain was registered in April 2020. They don’t have a reputation at all.

Furthermore, ownership information has not been disclosed. Marketing materials suggest that they’re based in the UK and allegedly registered by both the FCA and FSCS.

The only truth in their statement is that this company operates from the UK.

However, the big fat lie is that South West Capital Partners is registered by the FCA and FSCS.

In fact, there’s a story behind this lie. We will tackle all of this in our review.

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South West Capital Partners review

There are two companies in the UK operating under the same brand. Either of the two is actually fake.

The fake one has copied the name of the legit one which is actually registered by the FCA.

While the website of South West Capital Partners is quite professional and convincing, we doubt their story concerning how they claim to invest.

South West Capital partners review

Our research reveals ugly things about this particular company claiming to invest funds of their clients on “hundreds of fixed rate investments”.

South West Capital Partners LLP is the FCA registered entity. On the other hand, South West Capital Partners is the one we are reviewing in this post.

According to the text on the footer of their website, South West Capital Partners is allegedly the property of this company. 

While the above company (the one we’ve provided a link to) is FCA-regulated, we’re also shocked to see that they do’t file their returns at all.

On the other hand, the fake company claims the following:

  • They are a secure online investing platform
  • They provide market leading rates
  • Simple, efficient and transparent

In addition to this, the company is providing “investing” opportunities to businesses, charities, individuals, wealth managers and banks.

This claim is hard to verify because there’s no evidence that their business has ever associated with the alleged entities.

Their main claim to fame is that they are providing more interest with zero risk.

This is of course not possible. However, they insist that they are providing investors with good liquidity by utilizing the current interest rates on their platform. even claims that they’ve been featured on Investors Chronicles, Charity digital news, the Telegraph, Financial Times and many other media outlets.

Again,we reiterate that this claim cannot be verified as it appears to be an outright lie.

Banks providing accounts for SouthWestCapitalPartners have been listed as follows:

  • Emirates NBD
  • Oak North Bank
  • Redwood Bank
  • Rothschild & Co
  • Santander
  • Wyelands Bank
  • And many others..

The list of the banks they claim to partner with is quite long. We can’t finish listing all of them.

However, what we have observed is that this is not the truth concerning how they run their operations behind curtains.

South West Capital Partners FCA warning

It has been found that this entity is cloning details of an FCA-regulated company operating in the UK.

The official FCA warning appeared on this page where they claimed that scammers were cloning a company that they have authorized to provide financial services to residents of the UK.

Not only is this shocking, but it shows that South West Capital Partners has an ill intent towards their customers’ money.

There is absolutely no reason as to why they would copy details of another company other than to confuse unsuspecting investors.

This is a red flag which must be taken seriously because the sum of money that this scam is asking for is quite large.

Investors cannot afford to lose money to a scam like this one.

Their claim to fame

They reiterate that the banking institutions they work with are FSCS-regulated.

But of course all banking institutions in the UK must be registered with the FSCS. This is like saying the sun is bright. We don’t need these repetitive statements anymore.

The truth is that no banking institution is working with

A ponzi scheme?

This is clever version of your typical ponzi scheme where investors open accounts, deposit money on the promise that they’ll earn a ROI.
First of all, this kind of activity requires a regulator to step in. The owners of SouthWestCapitalPartners must explain what they do in order to provide the alleged ROIs.

They must also meet some criteria before they can qualify for a license.

Fortunately, scammers never qualify for this license because regulators are very strict.

So they opt to clone registered companies or lie flat out that they’re regulated when they are not.

The truth is that South West Capital Partners is paying returns from new deposits. This is to keep old naive investors injecting more funds into the company’s fraudulent bank accounts.

This bank account is probably hosted in an offshore location like the St. Vincent and Grenadines.

When they have collected enough, they’ll simply disappear. These ponzi schemes never last a year.

So expect South West Capital Partners to go offline in a few months.


People who “invest” £5,000 to this company will definitely lose their money and cry a river.

South West Capital Partners is not a legitimate investment operations and their stories are just lies.

This is definitely something we can’t recommend.

If you want to invest in automated trading, the best thing is to purchase a good automated trading tool and use your remaining balance to fund your broker’s trading account.

Thanks for reading the South West Capital Partners review. We look forward to your feedback.

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