Oxis Group Review: A Terrible Forex Ponzi Scam!

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Welcome to the Oxis Group review. Oxis Group is a website that purports to offer an automated investment program where they trade Forex and stocks on behalf of clients.

Oxis Group claims that their business was launched in 2018 but in the real sense, their website was registered in October 2019. So this contradicting information obviously means that Oxis Group is fraudulently misrepresenting their business to potential investors.

With these tale tell signs, a serious investor or trader would be better off investing in these recommended trading software rather than trusting a company like Oxis Group to do it.

Having said this, we’ll review Oxis Group just for the sake of making it clear that it’s a ponzi scheme as opposed to an authentic managed portfolio operation.

Oxis Group Review

Marketing materials claim that this company has been around for 2 years but traders working here have experience dating back to 2010.

Oxis Group does not disclose ownership information. This is a very common practice with ponzi schemes.

If they are anonymous, then it means that the owner of this company cannot provide the actual physical address of the business.

In fact, Oxis Group claims that they’re based in Cayman Islands. The truth is that this is a virtual address. Again, this is a very common pattern with ponzi schemes.

In their promotion material, the website proclaims that their team is made up of professional traders who will guarantee stable returns in addition to provide quality support.

They claim that their traders have economic knowledge and are actually staying up to date with technology to help them achieve the goals of their customers.

Oxis Group is actually advertising risk-free investment opportunity which we believe can be treated as a red flag.

There are no trading firms or brokers that can promise 100% risk-free investment unless they are a scam.

Oxis Group review

Is this company really made up of asset managers? The answer is no and here’s why:

Oxis Group is actually illegal

The website’s promotion materials have not disclosed how trading of Forex and other financial instruments are done.

They’ve also failed to disclose who the traders are and what their trading experience is.

A portfolio manager must have a track record in which to show potential investors. But Oxis Group does not have any track record in the first place.

Their website contains a page called “Reports”. When we explored this page, we found a table that supposedly contains information about their investment activities and performance.

The information we found is obviously unverifiable. Someone just created a simple table and edited the figures which give the impression that Oxis Group is actually making profits every month.

If they claim to be real Forex traders, they should use statement sharing services like myfxbook for example because at least there will be some level of transparency if they take this route.

Other than using falsified trading performance to mislead potential investors, we should also take note of the fact that Oxis Group is not regulated by any financial watchdog.

The company’s marketing materials admits that they are based in an offshore location and for that reason, they don’t have a regulatory framework that authorize and observe their activities.

It is naive to invest in an offshore location with a company like this one. Your money will simply disappear.

Oxis Group is a ponzi scheme

They’re heavily advertising their service using Google ads to reach as many victims as possible.

You can imagine how many guys they will reach and the number of people that will end up getting lured into the ponzi scheme,

This reminds us of ponzi schemes and Forex investment scams which operate in the Trinidad and Tobago island.

It is not clear for how much an “investor” is required to fund their account with in order to “withdraw their profits daily”.

However, there’s a page labeled “representatives”. Going through this page revealed that a “representative” was required to fund their account with a minimum of $200.

So we assume that probably this is what they charge other members in order to start “investing” on their behalf.

Furthermore, the scam is accepting digital currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum only. These payment methods are anonymous and common among scam website operators who are only interested in deceitful ways of earning an income.


You should never “invest” with Oxis Group because it is an illegal offshore company. It hustles naive investors of whatever money they have while promising them easy riches.

It is quite obvious that no matter what you think of this company, it is still a scam and they will always convince victims for as long as they exist online.

Thanks for reading our Oxis Group review. Stay away from a ponzi scheme like this one.

Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..

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  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. Timothy

    Please, whenever you want to do a review of an investment, always try to test them and bring the fact out of it. Some of you come online to confuse your readers. You want to know whether a company is a scam, you end up being confused, 5 will say it is legit, 5 will say it’s scam. Your evidence to prove it is a scam is not substantiated with face. Drop $10 with them, watch them for a month or more and hold them for it, get facts pls. All these addresses are not correct, owner name is not showing is only burning our data

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