Review: Scam alert plus how to recover your Money

Vnsmart cannot be said to be a legitimate trading service as they’re involved in fraudulent dealings where they lie to customers that the company offers blockchain securities trading.

Apart from promoting a bogus coin called VNC, they’re also offering a trading platform where users can choose whether a stock will go up or down.

Vnsmart does not disclose the real owners of the platform. Digging deeper, we actually find that there is a video where presentation is done by actors. According to Vnsmart, someone named Illia is the co-founder.

Illia is nothing more than a pseudo. The website Vnsmart is owned and operated by BITOM PTY LTD.

Investigations reveal that BITOM PTY LTD is the entity that runs Vnsmart. But we can also establish that this entity is nothing more than a shell company. It is incorporated in Australia and even registered with the ASCI but this does not prevent the shell company from running scams all over the internet.

Early this month, a PR article appeared on Yahoo finance to promote the company’s blockchain offering. This promotion is meant to persuade consumers that Vnsmart is a legit platform worth investing in. Unfortunately, the PR are misleading because any charlatans can always pay some money to distribute copies of their articles on the platform.

For that reason, we feel that this is an extremely risky trading platform to get involved with. We compare the scam to Finotrend, ECR Capital FX, and other fraudulent investment sites. Review: What are they selling?

They’re selling mining, trading and staking service. This is a common offering of blockchain platforms, and there are many scams that are convincing unsuspecting investors to deposit money.

In the case of Vnsmart, you can trade stocks and futures with abnormal leverage of up to 50X.

Staking the bogus coin will earn you more money. Staking is basically where they convince you to hold the coin in your wallet for some time so that you can “earn more money” in the future if the coin increases in value.

For every $2 investment in options trading, you get $2 VNC rebate. For every $5 of stock trading, $5 VNC is rewarded. For every $7 in CFDs trading, you get $7 in VNC points.

Basically, the platform pays all rewards in VNC tokens. This raises the question of what worth the coin possibly has.

Also if you cannot participate in any of the investment options above, the scam site wants you to become their affiliate where you promote the fraud for VNC commission. They call these guys “sharers”.

Looking inside the trading platform, we find that it is just a simple binary options platform with green buy and red sell buttons.

The platform is marketed as one that is backed by blockchain. Obviously this is the new thing that scammers take advantage of to dupe the financially naive.

Vnsmart bogus token and how the platform scams investors

Remember that all rewards are paid in VNS token. We want to find out what we can use this coin for or whether we can exchange it back to real fiat.

My investigations reveal that VNS token is a worthless coin. In the last 24 hours, there was zero deviation in trading volume. Also, the price of one VNS token is $0.

Keep in mind that Vnsmart is soliciting funds from investors and paying them rewards in VNS token. The problem is that nobody will buy money that is worth $0.

Ultimately, investors will end up duped because the coin is worthless and the Vsmart trading platform is just using it as a cover up for their sophisticated scam.

How to recover money lost to Vnsmart

I have purposely included a live chat and a form in this review because I would like to connect our readers to an agency that specializes in initiating chargebacks for victims.

The process is complex, which is why majority give up on the way. But if you engage this company, they can look at your case and if it qualifies for chargeback, I assure you that you will get your money back.

To get started, fill in your details on the form or use the live chat for that purpose.

The Conclusion

It’s dirty, fraudulent but intelligent. Imagine victims mining a useless coin or promoting the seamingly legit platform only to be paid in $0?

This is what the faceless owners of Vnsmart scam are doing to investors on the internet. Watch out for another scam called Dacxi because it is also doing the same thing.

Thanks for reading my review.