Keith Fitz-Gerald Review: An Investment Salesman (Beware)

Welcome to the Keith Fitz-gerald review. The website is a sleek sales page for stock trading products peddled by a guy called Keith Fitz-Gerald — not sure if this is his real name.

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Keith is selling coaching services, newsletters, digital magazine and trading signals — essentially competing with some of the best stock trading education services that we even recommend our readers to use if they want to be successful.

Other websites owned and operated by this trading school are, and a twitter page that was specifically created to market this guys financial products.

What exactly is Keith Fitz-Gerald selling? Well, these products and services appear as follows:

  1. MMI™ Trading Signals …… $69/monthly
  2. One Bar Ahead™ …. $399/year
  3. Free newsletter
  4. Premium seminar and public speaking at an undisclosed cost

Keith fitz-gerald Review

Keith is presenting itself as a reliable website where the owner is claiming he will show you how to identify great stock picks because he has 37 years of experience.

According to Mr Fitz-Gerald, he is a professional trader, consultant and analyst with 4 decades of experience. This guy wants you to believe that he has helped “successful investors” make millions of dollars. But where are these successful millionaires? I ask myself.

You see, this kind of marketing scheme sooths the imagination of the financially unsophisticated, such that the consumer will have no doubts believing he is a financial guru. The resulting effect is a horde of financially illitrate consumers following the puppet master, hoping that they can make the promised millions. This has often turned into pain and disappointments.

Who is Keith Fitz-Gerald?

Keith wears the face of an ‘expert financial wizard’. Any unsuspecting consumer of stock trading products will easily fall for his A-class marketing style.

He has made “big achievements” in the past, which supposedly qualifies him to give financial advice and investment recommendation. You just copy-paste his financial advice and you will be like his ‘millionaire students’.

This is what the salespage coos:

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Mr. Keith Fitz-Gerald has over 1300+ prime time guest appearances on financial news channels such as Fox, Bloomberg, CNBC and others. His financial commentary has appeared on Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch and other networks. He is known to provide actionable investment advice by distilling complicated markets. In addition to this, his predictive records are publicly documented.

We’re focusing on the clues that this guy leaves behind since we don’t know what is true and what is not.

And one of the clues has to be how he markets his products. His sales material suggests that we’re dealing with a credible and honest person with really solid experience.

But what consumers don’t know is that when a supposed trading guru sounds like this, there is always a can of worms in the offing.

What Mr. Keith Fitz-Gerald is not telling you is how he spends money in order to publish PR on Yahoo Finance. Yes, this is a paid network, and the cost is anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500 per article. This is where smart financial charlatans promote their supposed financial wizardry.

In addition to this, this guy is everywhere on the internet. He has a nice profile on the MoneyShow platform — which is yet another marketplace for hawking all kinds of investment products. The MoneyShow is quite controversial because every Tom, Dick and Harry is here selling this or that financial product. An unsuspecting consumer will think the trading educator is credible simply because he has a profile on platforms like the MoneyShow and

To appear on those websites is not an achievement or proof that one is legitimate or that they’re selling trading products that have helped consumers make money consistently. First of all, appearing in those public speaking events that Keith Fitz Gerald is boasting about only needs confidence, marketing experience and deep pockets to bribe the organizers.

Every salesman that takes part in these activities will eventually attract a large number of financially illiterate people willing to purchase their way to financial freedom without questioning the credibility of the “trading guru”.

Email to Keith Fitz-Gerald

If you want to catch an investment hustler and a trading crook, you need to send them two emails. The first email is where you pretend to be a less intelligent consumer.

You have to paint the picture of someone who is desperate about learning to trade or wanting to make millions out of the trading educator’s knowledge.

In fact, Keith Fitz-Gerald’s website even has a support team — so the guy does not have to talk with you directly if you’re this kind of a comsumer.

However, if you send this email from the perspective of an intelligent person, wanting to find out more about his trading products and whether there’s proof that consumers have made millions, the email will be opened, read and ignored. No reply will come afterwards.

I introduced myself and asked Keith Fitz Gerald whether he had proof of his trading records as well as customer feedback, since the proclaimed 37 years of trading experience must surely come with all proof of success.

Using a special software, I could see that my email was opened and read. However, because Keith is just an A class salesman and not a trader, I could not get a response.

Now ask yourself — is this the type of trading and investment recomendation service you want to purchase?

The Conclusion

A financal bimbo is not necessarily a successful trading educator. They can come in all ages, genders and races (I’ve seen them all) but one thing you must be aware of is that a successful trading educator must have verifiable trading performance.

Appearing in all manner of financial marketplaces is not a prerenquiste for success. How real customers talk about what they purchased from you is.

I’m sorry to say the truth. It is hard to confront the reality that Keith Fitz-Gerald is not what he wants you to believe. He is just another carnival barker on the financial streets of the internet.

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