Best Stock Strategy Review: David Jaffee!

Alert: will receive a small commission when people purchase the Best Stock Strategy trading course by David Jaffee. It’s a course that I feel so good recommending considering the number of people that now trade like professionals, thanks to the Best Stock Strategy trading program.

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And now, welcome to the Best Stock Strategy review. is owned and operated by David Jaffee. There’s a good reason why this trading school is being recommended everywhere and people are being encouraged to purchase the 7 day trial for $19.

It took several emails and a lengthy interaction with David Jaffee to understand who he is, where he comes from and why he believes the Best Stock Strategy is the real deal.

best stock strategy by david jafee review

He is honest, transparent and a likeable person. Just an hour of listening to Mr. Jaffee changes your perspective as far as Options trading is concerned.

His website ( is offering a 2-weeks options trading course where David teaches how to be consistently profitable.

You might think that this is some kind of fluff — like your average options trading course from Google results.

But I dare you to sign up for the 7 day trial because the success rate is really amazing.

The $1,849 price tag might sound exaugurated but considering what you will get from the course, it is worth it in everyway.

It’s easy to doubt Mr. Jaffee’s proclaimed 95% win rate but those reviews in addition to his account statements can’t be wrong.

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When you purchase the trading education from Best Stock Strategy, you are going to get the following benefits:

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  3. Once you take the course, you can start trading anywhere using your mobile device.

Because this trading product is so good, David Jaffee is offering the 7 day trial for $19 only.

If you do not have the $1,849 upfront, go with the $349 monthly plan and you will be all good.

I know that trials are supposed to be free but realize that you’re consuming his intellectual property.

It is just fair to compensate his time and the knowledge that you received in the 7 days of trading under his guidance.

This is the basis for my review today.

David Jaffee is not your typical trading educator

This is, this guy has a very solid resume. David is a high flying graduate of Cornell with a degree in Applied Economics and Management.

He has a penchant for finance and accounting and valuing public companies is his specialty.

He has worked for some of the biggest investment companies in Wall Street.

He is an A student — He would have gone to Harvard but for some reason his application was declined.

As a matter of fact, you have to be an A student to even think of submitting an application in Harvard.

Not only does the owner of Best Stock Strategy understand Economics like the palm of his hands, but he also knows how to identify over-valued or under-valued public companies and drawing a conclusion from the data.

In fact, this is the reason CIBC World Markets hired him as an investment banker where he received a starting salary of $60,000 and a signing bonus of $10,000.

His father was a doctor of a small town called Monticello, New York.

David explains that while his father was a doctor, his dream was to become an investment banker at Wall Street.

Of course the dream of his father was never fulfilled but at least the seed of investment banking was planted in David at an early age.

He wanted his son to go to Wall Street — a dream that was indeed achieved because David ultimately ended up in Wall Street, working for at least 2 investment companies there.

The Best Stock Strategy

David quit his New York life, moved to Miami where he stayed with his wife.

The success of Best Stock Strategy is due to David’s prior knowledge and experience in Investment Banking.

His clients at Wall Street made money because of his experience with market speculation.

The Best Stock Strategy is the brainchild of David’s wife.

It was inspired by mere “How to make money online” Google search that returned results bordering ridiculousness.

Best Stock Strategy was created to teach people how to become successful traders.

David, the nightclub, the restaurant and now Best Stock Strategy

An investment banker like Mr. Jaffee can do well in the financial markets but he also tried other businesses.

He used to put bunk beds in Manhattan apartments to provide inexpensive housing for young people.

David got a little too carried away, and grew this business too large, to a point where he was told by New York City that he needed to stop.

Additionally, Mr. Jaffee tried to open a nightclub in a residential neighborhood which he said was an enormous mistake.

Making money in the hospitality industry is difficult enough, but it’s even more difficult when your neighbors don’t want a club in their neighborhood..

Throughout this time, Mr. Jaffee continued to trade options and he continued to improve as a trader.

I suppose that he’s fortunate that he’s no longer operating a club or a youth hostel because both of those businesses would not be possible now due to the pandemic.

Best Stock Strategy Review: The live accounts?

In fact, he has two live accounts. Many self-proclaimed stock trading gurus have none.

The one he showed me was his main trading account where he trades and uses the proceeds of trading to settle his bills.

Mr. Jaffee has a habit of posting videos of his brokerage accounts every once in a while.

In February 2020, he showed me a summary of his trading performance for the entire year.

He also showed me his account statements.

I couldn’t doubt because the video also captured in details how David pulled the statements from his brokerage logs.

In 2019, his options trading strategy netted him 117% and almost a 100% win rate.

He rarely shows people his big trading account unless he really trusts you.

During our conversation, I managed to build rapport with him.

He was comfortable enough to verify his $1.3 million profit achievement in the big account.

So I want to ask you David — do you even pay your taxes? Make sure you do.

Otherwise, everything else is there in plain sight for those who are interested. The videos are real.

It’s just a matter of whether you want to copy his strategy by purchasing your membership at The Best Stock Strategy.

The Conclusion

In all my life, I have never seen a trading educator so loved and loathed in equal measure.

Oftentimes people try to label someone as good or bad, but in reality no one is perfect.

David Jaffee has made mistakes but I believe he has good intent.
It is rumored, by Emmett Moore of, that David Jaffee’s video helped motivate the SEC to shut down Raging Bull after they defrauded the public out of $137 Million (see this article).
It is important to focus on David Jaffee’s performance.

Because this community is about trading, we are only concerned about trading and consistent performance, not gossip.

Even if I recommend Best Stock Strategy, I have nothing to lose as this education is worth it.

It’s for those who are struggling with options trading and want to start making money at the soonest opportunity.

Thanks for reading. Remember that you can purchase the trial here.

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