Dacxi Review: Ed Ludbrook’s Ponzi Scheme

Dacxi.com is a self-proclaimed Crypto Wealth Platform that first appeared online in August 2017. The purpose of the Dacxi website is to hustle investors into purchasing digital coins. The backend is however a sophisticated ponzi scheme. The owners are making money by selling 3 types of “investment” packs/bundles on their website:

1.Dacxi Bundle (Blue Chip Bundle)

2.Dacxi DAC Pack

3.Dacxi Precious Metals Bundle

The company claims that they want to liberate people financially and make them prosperous via Crypto.

We are unable to include them into our list of the most recommended investing resources because this company appears to be running a Ponzi scheme in the background.

Dacxi is the abbreviation of Digital Assets, Community, Exchange, International.

This suggests that there is a Crypto exchange integrated into the website as well.

Company profile also reveals that Ed Ludbrook is the CEO while Katharine Wooller is the Managing Director.

Both of these persons have an “impressive” career profile.

For example, Mr. Ludbrook has “listed two companies” in the London Stock exchange.

Claims one of the companies is a billion dollar operation.

He goes ahead to proclaim that he is an “advisor” to the British government and other companies around the world.

Mr. Ludbrook is also a very controversial figure, having been involved with the now defunct OneCoin ponzi scheme as the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

He mysteriously disappeared from the scene in 2016 with no explanation from OneCoin whatsoever.

Based on the registration date of Dacxi.com, we can get answers as to what Mr. Ludbrook was up to shortly after leaving OneCoin.

Katharine Wooller, on the other hand, is listed as an investment banker, wealth manager, financial advisor and a long distance runner.

Is this a legitimate Crypto investment platform or a hoax?

Dacxi.com products

In as much as the company is claiming to offer Crypto investing products, it is not clear how they generate revenue for investors.

Let’s take the example of their Blue Chip Bundle which costs $100 to sign up for.

Blue Chip Bundle consists of 50% Bitcoin, 20% Ethereum, 10% Litecoin and 20% DAC.

The company does not explain where or how they source Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin from.

Usually when acquiring these Cryptocurrencies, one has to pay exchange fees.

This has the effect of reducing profit margins, assuming the intent is to trade these Cryptocurrencies.

The only thing they tell us is that Dacxi will automatically buy the coins for you based on a fixed proven ratio.

Dacxi Coins and the DAC exchange

DAC is the company’s exchange. The company also generates tokens which costs them nothing to create.

Furthermore, Dacxi fails to provide us with an explanation of what drives the value of this token, how it was generated, circulated and what percentage the creators will burn.

They claim that it has a strong foothold in countries like the UK and Australia.

But there are no statistics to prove so since Dacxi Coins are not listed in any exchange.

Popular coins are listed in these exchanges based on their market cap, trading volume and so on.

From there, we can make an inference based on user statistics.

That aside, they claim that Blue Chip Bundle is meant to diversify investor portfolio and give them the freedom to sell coins individually.

Currently the company is giving a bonus of 50% on Dacxi Coins. 

They claim that buying of DAC tokens will cease once it is listed on other external Crypto exchanges.

This appears to be nothing more than a pressure sales tactic.

By creating the illusion of scarcity, the company can hopefully push investors to make irrational purchase decisions.

Dacxi Precious Metals Bundle

One would assume that the company is dealing with real precious metals like Silver, Gold and Platinum.

However, a brief description of this product shows that it is actually a token representing these assets.

Investment into the Dacxi precious metals bundle will cost $200 and “guarantee” 60% Gold, 15% Silver and 5% Platinum.

To make it sound attractive, the company is also “crowning” your purchase with a 20% Dacxi Coin bonus.

Why Dacxi is tokenizing everything is unclear.

Why there is no explanation of how the system is able to source these assets is another big question.

They are red flags of course.

Where is this company operating from?

They claim that their HQ is in Singapore. Other locations are in Australia, UK, New Zealand Brazil and Estonia.

No specific address has been provided with regards to the exact places where Dacxi is running its offices from.

The issue of regulatory oversight comes into the picture as well.

According to the text on the footer of their website, they claim that the company was awarded an EU Crypto-Exchange license by AUSTRAC.

Now, this is a very big lie because the company actually does not have any operating license.

The footer of their website has a disclaimer where the vendor circumvents the regulatory requirements by claiming that they’re not providing investment advisory service, yet this is exactly what they’re doing.

To be clear, DACXI is not in the database of AUSTRAC.

Who is Ed Ludbrook?

He is from OneCoin scam and now he is fronting Dacxi to a group of investors with no financial knowledge.

Ludbrook described OneCoin as follows:

A multi-trillion dollar opportunity that any fool will recognize once educated with the facts

He used to advertise OneCoin recruitment job scams in Melbourne, Australia.

According to the quote above, Ludbrook was clearly boasting of his association with OneCoin.

But US authorities affirmed that OneCoin was a Ponzi Scheme that suckered investors a total of 4billion dollars.

Ludbrook has since reduced his association credentials to that of a “consultant”.

It is also not clear what share of investor funds he was given by the owner of OneCoin.

The Conclusion

OneCoin’s association with Dacxi reminds me of the saying that the apple does not fall far away from the tree.

The company is actually operating a DAC ecosystem but taking real money from naïve investors.

The so-called DAC ecosystem is where investors’ funds are laundered in a Crypto exchange like manner.

The company is also very secretive on the assigned value of their token.

This is information that should be made publicly available though.

In the end, this website is just a front-end to a ponzi scheme because the old tricks never die.

The token is just worthless out of the DAC ecosystem.

Therefore, investors who purchase it via real US dollars will be doing themselves a great disfavor.

Ask yourself what you are purchasing before you give Mr. Ludbrook your money.

  • Ha Ha! how wrong you were! Dacxi coin is now on 3 exchanges and ABOUT TO BE ON 3 MORE. i THINK YOU BEST DO A RETRACTION!

    • We are aware of the fact that you are one of the agents that promote this ponzi scheme or at least you work with them. Don’t worry about your comment because listing of tokens on any exchange is something that anyone can do including scammers. It’s no big deal.