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Vantage Point Software Review: Scam or intermarket analysis Software?

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Welcome to the Vantage Point Software review. Vantage Point Software is a company proclaiming to specialize in artificial intelligence, trend forecasting and intermarket analysis for trading.

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This Vantage Point Software review comes a little bit late since the company has been around from 2015.

We’ve decided to write a review because the Florida-based company is becoming popular by the day.

They proclaim that their trading software has a win rate of 87.4% and can predict future direction of the market with this kind of accuracy.

At some point, Vantage Point Software even claimed that their software had been ‘proven’ to be accurate 2 to 4 days into the future.

According to Vantage Point Software, their trading analysis tool was ‘verified’ by several PHDs and publication.

Apparently, all of these ‘third parties’ proclaim the greatness of the trading tool.

Vantage point software review

The financial publications which they’re talking about include Futures magazine, Stocks and Commodities magazine, Traders World magazine and other advertising partners.

Before we continue with our Vantage Point Software review, we should take note that all of these ‘financial magazines’ are promotional magazines which basically means they’ll endorse anything as long as they get a fat check.

Those of you who have been trading and searching for good trading products should know that these ‘financial magazines’ only write positive reviews.

They’re in the business of selling you the financial dream. Every single month they do a positive write up of yet another best trading software in the world.

Even if you’re going to skim through this Vantage Point Software review, ensure that you’ve read some key things about this company and its products.

It’s never a waste of your time but good time spent in learning why you should not talk companies like Vantage Point Software so seriously.

Vantage Point Software review

We don’t know what relationship Vantage Point Software has with Vantage Point X.

They both have similar names and they both proclaim to use artificial intelligence in trading.

What we are absolutely sure of is that this Florida-based company is a well-oiled sales machine. You will find several promotional statements across the website. Here are a few examples:

Founded in 1979, we have been developing trading software for more than 39 years.

World-renowned trading software pioneer Louis B. Mendelsohn, VantagePoint forecasts Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETFs with a remarkable proven accuracy of up to 87.4%.

VantagePoint Founder Interviewed on….

Lane Mendelsohn on NewsmaxTV….

There are many other similar gimmicky statements that can be found across the company’s website.

I’m sure most of you are wondering how bogus this can get when the company is even offering a free demo.

Well, we requested a demo last year and we discovered that before a user could trial the software, they were required to submit their name, phone number and email.

The moment they have this information, it sets a ripple effect down the sales funnel where users are bombarded with promotional sales activities.

They kick off with a wave of phone calls. The phone numbers have area codes that are not from the headquarter of VantagePointSoftware in Tampa Bay area. They are also not toll-free numbers either.

We noticed a weird pattern where the phone calls were coming from the local area code.

You do not answer such phone calls. You let them drop so you can listen to the voicemail.

That is exactly what we did and we received a message from someone proclaiming to speak from Tampa Bay, Florida.

Hardly two days passed and we got another phone call from a different area code by someone proclaiming to be based in Tampa Bay, Florida.

So why does this matter? Well, companies have studied the psychology of consumers and phone calls……. and companies like Vantage Point Software are making good use of this study.

They know that chances of people picking phone calls originating from a toll-free number or a different state are very slim.

Everybody does not like speaking to a caller who is a marketer. So Vantage Point Software is actually working its way around by injecting area code prefixes to the number of the outgoing call.

When the call is localized, people will answer it. People will take chances because if they ignore, they could be ignoring an emergency call from a spouse or work-related call.

This is called clever marketing tactic!

Vantage Point Software Review: a boiler-room it is

Once you pick up the phone (of course the number is has a localized area code prefix), you’re greeted by someone who introduces his name and claims to be from Vantage Point Software in Florida.

We had a cacophony of voices in the background. This made us believe that the caller was probably a freelancer from India.

The rehearsed sales pitch is fantastic!

The sales pitch begins.

“Vantage Point Software has an accuracy of 87.4% and can predict price movement 1-3 days in advance. The software has been proven to work since the 80s. It is verified and authenticated by various 3rd parties.”

Of course he mentions the magazines we told you about.

All this time, our mouth is shut as we listen to the caller’s rehearsed sales pitch.

We learn that Vantage Point Software is worth between $2,900 to $12,900 but most people purchase the $4,900 trading package for the software.

Of course the salesman recommends the $4,900 trading package and claims that within 1 to 2 months, we’ll recoup all of the costs associated with this plan.

The voice didn’t go away and instead continued to say that a single mom made $100,000 in one day of using Vantage Point Software.

The sales pitch went on for nearly 30 minutes. In the background, there were people clapping and cheering.

When I questioned the salesman what was the cheering and clapping about, he explained that someone in the Salesroom had just sold a trading software package.

I was curious because of the noisy background. I explained to the salesman that I wanted to buy the software only after speaking to a real professional trader making real profits with the indicator.

He put me through and indeed I spoke with a “professional trader” from Vantage Point Software. I explained to the sales man that I will purchase the software. I hung up at this point.

Louis Mendelsohn of Vantage Point Software

According to this Wikipedia page, Mr. Mendelsohn founded Vantagepoint ai, LLC in 1979 to create technical analysis indicators for retail traders.

The 1980s was when personal computers became a thing. Louis Mendelsohn appears to have taken advantage of this by creating and selling trading indicators.

Louis Mendelsohn proclaims a life of rags to riches. He somehow managed to achieve his MBA at Boston University.

He claims to have traded stocks and commodities as a hobby in the 70s. Back then, charting was done using a pencil on a peace of paper. This information was obtained from the local dailies.

However, Mr. Louis Mendelsohn seemed to have realized that pencil and paper charting was inferior compared to computer charting.

The NFA identifies Louis Mendelsohn as a commodity trading adviser (1988 to 1989). The NFA database has no reparation cases negative cases against Louis Mendelsohn.

However, it appears that somehow, Mr. Louis Mendelsohn pulled out of this membership in 2000.

As a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), we expect to see public performance of Mr. Louis Mendelsohn.

Unfortunately we can’t find any.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning in our Vantage Point Software review that Mr. Louis Mendelsohn does not have a personal trading history either.

This is the same case with trading educators David Green of Green Room Trading Live and Morris Puma of SJ Options. 

Both of these individuals have no personal trading record, just like Mr. Louis Mendelsohn of Vantage Point Software.

While company has refused to disclose or talk about personal trading record of the founder, the sales pitch says it all. You just have to fill the gap.


Our Vantage Point Software review was long but that’s because we wanted potential clients to get a true picture of what this company is and what they claim to do.

At least you know that the alleged win rate of the software is a complete fallacy. What you’re buying for $5,000 is a mere trading indicator from a developer with no personal track record of trading.

Thanks for reading our Vantage Point Software review. We look forward to your opinion in the comment section.

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9 Comment on this post

  1. Do you know of any companies that you have reviewed which legitimately provides a solid trading indicator service that is a very good value?

    Or, have you reviewed any automated trading systems (robots) that actually do what they claim….and provide a significant edge to the win/loss % and the average dollars with wins/losses?

    Please reach out by email (or text/call).

    Thank you,
    Rod Combest

  2. I have vantage point and do agree with the sales pitch comments. They were very agressive. I made it known I didn’t know or use technical trading and the salesman was like that was a positive and that I didn’t need to. The customer service is actually one of the best if any problems. They truly hope you win. My thoughts are the software by itself is incomplete, you don’t have access to all stocks and the stocks you will have access to are in different sectors. The reason the different sectors matters is because they sell you Sectors individually as additional add on cost. I felt this was odd and my gut instinct said to run away fast, but I kept hearing in my mind “Did this guy just say they have an 86% win rate?” I thought this would mean I would win 86% of my trades and should of known better. I asked him this and it was repeated, but he did use the two words that negate this. He then said “up-to” 86% rate. So I purchased the software, purchased some sectors and I wanted my money back after using it with buyers remorse. They forwarded me to another department and long story short, gave me their RSI indicator for “free”. Now the next thing that happens became the worst thing that could of happened. I won 8 out of 10 Options trades where all the wins were over 100%. This took about 6 weeks. I was doing 1 or 2 trades a week. After this time, I wrote a positive objective review that I won 8 out of 10 real trades. Not sure what happened but after these wins. I kept doing the exact same thing then started losing and losing and losing. I started winning 1 out of 5 trades for the rest of the year and winded up losing overall close to 100k purely from trading the software recommendations. Much too late to get a refund and they have on record my positive review. I put the software on the shelf for over a year and during isolation from the Covid I must have seen a Youtube video or something that made me say to myself. Why are these reviews stating this software works so well?, Maybe I was doing something wrong. So I decided to get back into it and see what I was doing wrong. After much review my conclusion was the vantage software alone does not filter out winning trades, it is flip a coin hit and miss and that anyone who blindly follows them as I was instructed is playing blackjack. What I learned is you would need their software in addition to many other indicators. RSI, MACD, LarryWilliams psi, Larry williams EMAI and these indicators you guessed it Come with additional cost. So I decided to buy these indicators and give it my best shot agai. The cost was about 3.5k As I start trading, I start thinking that maybe its the indicators that most experts use that is needed. I am using RSI,MACD, Stochastic and Larry Williams and if they all state its a go in addition to Vantage I puss the trigger. Conservatively if any indicator is borderline or questionable then I don’t move forward. Thus far I have 3 current trades out there in JNPR, NRG, OGI and am gathering I’ll be making 2-3 trades a week. I am doing options with DTE of 30-60 days. With vantage I am getting about 35 recommendations a day and with all of the indicators needing to line up I am picking thus far about 1 out of 42 vantage recommendations to put my money in.

    1. Ronald Barnes, A BIG thank you, they got me for $4000. I had 646 stocks narrowed down to one, so I bought 10 Contracts. Start of market it went to $100 + two hrs later -$160 I had to pull out. I played w/ paper money, bought 10 puts according to V next day they all went up. So Ronald what else are you using? Thanks again, John Massarotti

  3. How is MACD and RSI worth $4900 ? You can easily calculate it yourself in Excel. And how is that “artificial intelligence”? Does there AI learn from past data? What is the learning algorithm? If their AI learns from past data, does that mean that past data contains the knowledge of future economic conditions? For example, could past data from the previous 20 years have predicted the Wuhan pandemic? Kinda hard to believe!

    I made mistake number one: giving them my phone number and email address. I will no no farther without disclosure of what their technology is, how it works, and why it works.

  4. I appreciate your write up and the people that did buy the software, I would not pay that much money on something that I could program myself. They are using indicators and not the news and rumors which also control many directions of the market. I always look for people like you when I am considering a buy and it has saved me tons of money.

  5. Don’t purchase Vantage Point !!!
    I’ve used Vantage Point software for 1 year and got away with paying 5 K , This is the minimum amount you’ll pay to get the software, their training course, 2 stock sectors and access to their site. They will try to sell you an extra 10 K worth of access to their full line of stock sectors.
    Their is NO magic to their approach and you can do way better with other – way less expensive software and training / Tips.
    Since I dropped Vantage Point I have been using Trend Trading Pro. Works GREAT!
    For under 2 K you get training on how to trade for the long term, scanning software to find stocks to trade, software to set up your trading charts and indicators when to buy and sell.
    This software is designed to work with TD Ameritrade TOS. Cheers Peter

  6. I bought software with 4 sectors and doing paper trading and have 1 win out 0f 9 loses. If I was trading real money I would be extremely pissed.

    I am going to ask for a refund, as I did better just doing my own research.


    1. Frederic, Thanks for your warning. Is there another AI company that is less sales aggressive and less expensive? That you would recommend?

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