Vantage Point X Review: Best AI Auto Trading or Scam?

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Welcome to the Vantage Point X review. (VPX) promotes a Forex robot developed with artificial intelligence in its algorithm.

This is the same claim made by World Markets. It is what all developers claim on the internet but the truth should be in proven results.

Vantage Point X claims that their auto trading software made 50% returns in the previous month. This is quite interesting as we’ve not seen any software maintaining such high returns with consistency.

We will therefore go through their trading results with a fine tooth comb to find out how long the alleged returns have been maintained.

In addition to this, they would like traders to believe that this software has a win rate of 89% and their mathematical approach enables Vantage Point X to profit in any market situation.

The developer of Vantage Point X trading software also claims that their system is the “holy grail of trading”; it is simple and yet effective.

They describe it as a Forex robot with “rock solid proof, simple settings and profitable”.

The developer proclaims that they’ve “hacked the most popular currency pairs for never-ending scalping action”.

These are very bold claims and we’re starting to wonder whether Vantage Point X will provide proof of performance to support these allegations.

Vantage Point X review Best EA - AI Auto trading System

In addition to this, we’d like to know who these people are and their trading background as well. So far, they’ve not provided this information.

To contact them, traders can email or call them on the phone number +1 (848) 482 4224.

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Vantage Point X review

The vendor’s website is well put together. has also listed numerous reasons as to why they believe traders will make money with their software.

Among reasons listed on the sales page include reliability, ease of use, trade frequency, 200% profit factor, 15% maximum draw down, including ECN broker support.

Vantage Point X uses artificial intelligence as their main selling point.

The team is also promising to use TeamViewer in order to help customers install the Forex robot on their MT4 charts.

There are 3 packages under which licenses can be ordered. For the price of $250, Forex traders can enjoy 3 months of trading with Vantage Point X software.

Yearly license goes for $500 but if traders want to use the Forex robot without any time restrictions, they can pay $1,000 which caters for a lifetime license.

All licenses come with full support including TeamViewer assistance.

It’s not clear how frequent updates are done on the Vantage Point X software.

In addition to this, the developer did not disclose whether a license can be used on multiple MT4 accounts at the same time.

Trading strategy of the Vantage Point X (VPX) software

VPX discloses that their trading software is a scalper that uses artificial intelligence, inter-market analysis and advanced forecast.

The team believes that using indicators is to rely on past price action which translates to trading based on signals that lag behind.

This is definitely true because some of the best traders and automated trading systems don’t rely on data from indicators such as MACD, William %R and so on.

VPX also claims that their artificial intelligence is able to “generate market prediction” with 86% accuracy for up to 3 days in advance.

Vantage Point X also recognizes and calculates how markets around the world are impacting the specific market that you are trading.

Through AI trading and intermarket analysis, the trading system is able to “quantify” and generate predictive and leading indicators.

In addition to this, Vantage Point X is allegedly using AI Neural Network to forecast market data which allows traders to get into the market days before other traders.

They claim that the software is giving traders a head-start when it comes to detecting trend changes.

While we appreciate this explanation, the trading strategy is not coming out quite well. This is common with trading tools that are developed with artificial intelligence at the center of their algorithms.

If these claims are anything to go by, then it can be hard to explain the exact trading methodology since artificial intelligence trading tools tend to learn on their own so they can keep changing strategies based on what they learn.

Having said this, results can always speak for the Forex robot that is being promoted.  Now that they claim this Forex robot is powerful and profitable, we’d like to see proof in the results.

Trading performance

The team have promised to show us their myfxbook with 50% returns in the previous month.

A link is available to their myfxbook account. However, as soon as users click this link, they are taken to a deleted myfxbook account.

Therefore, the claim that Vantage Point X generated 50% returns in the previous month cannot be authenticated.

We don’t know where they got these numbers from.

Furthermore, the sales page is presenting backtested results as a way to verify their claim of profitability.

Again, backtested results are not considered reliable enough in an era where developers can use myfxbook to highlight their truthful trading results.

Besides, we’d like to know why they opted to delete their myfxbook account.

Probably this account crashed and there was not need to continue showing it to potential customers.

Customer reviews

The software has attracted some feedback from the trading community.

FPA has reviews from 3 traders who are alleged to have used this trading system.

Vantage Point X Forex Expert Advisor Reviews

The first two are very positive while the last review highlights a tale of regrets because Vantage Point X apparently blew $1600 from a trader’s account.

With such mixed opinions (because of the experiences of different traders with this software), one can only be very careful before they can invest any amount of money on this software.


We’re seated on the fence when it comes to recommending Vantage Point X trading software.

First of all, we’d like to know why they deleted their myfxbook account and secondly, we have a gut feeling that the reviews we see on the internet regarding this software are fabricated.

Thirdly, the promise that Vantage Point X has a win rate of 89% is just too good to be true.

If that was the case, then it could mean that we’re looking at a million dollar worth Forex trading robot rather than a few hundred bucks worth of Forex robot.

As we close this Vantage Point X review, we can only ask traders to exercise caution because there are lots of questions that don’t have answers here.

Thanks for reading this Vantage Point X review. We hope to hear your opinion regarding this matter.

Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..

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  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. William Davis

    they got me for $2,500.00 and nothing is anything you can hang your hat on. After the one month of all market market free access they try soaking you for $12,000.00 for a huge amounts of markets because it gives you more diversity. The initial purchase is to small and to limited to work with.With some luck you might catch a good trade, I screwed up save your money. This is my personal opinion after one month with them the coaches are very enthusiastic about everything but the truth is their salesmen

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