SJ Options Review: Scam Options Trading System and Courseware?

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Welcome to the SJ Options review.

SJ Options (San Jose Options) is providing trading education in addition to a “patent-pending” tool called OptionColors™ Software.

The vendor’s website claims that with their options trading system, traders can maximize on safety and rewards at the same time.

They proclaim a consistent 98% win rate in their trading for the last 6 years. SJ Options is looking and sounding very interesting.

They provide 3 kinds of membership with the 4 option allowing customers to customize what they’d like to have.

The 3 membership plans are as follows:

[tabs][tab title=”Standard Margin”]Features have not been listed[/tab] [tab title=”Portfolio Margin”]No features have been listed[/tab] [tab title=”Advisor Membership”]

Learning Center      
Online Videos      
Online Quizzes      
Free OptionColors Training      
Low Risk, High Reward Strategies      
High Probability      
Low Maintenance      
Higher Order Greeks      
Online Mentor Support


SJ Options is charging its customers $2,399 if they want the first course. Second and third options trading membership courses go for $2,699 and $1399 respectively.

Add-ons are also available for students who don’t want to sign up for any of the 3 membership plans.

When traders don’t want SJ Options membership plans, they can customize for a more suitable package that contains trade ideas, personalized mentoring with Morris as well as the company’s OptionColors™ Software (at a discount).

sj options review

Special arrangements can be made by calling (800) 862-2503.

Sounds like the usual financial snake oil. But let’s find out whether its worth it.

SJ Options Review

Other websites belonging to this company include:

  •….. develops sophisticated trading tools
  •… develops trading strategies for portfolio managers

According to Wayback machine, the domain first appeared on the internet in 2004.

In 2007, it was bought by John Ondercin who claimed to have 8 years of experience in the financial markets.

It became clear that the new buyer wanted to start an options trading business and so he named it San Jose Options Institute.

The owner of SJ Options believes that there’s a way to trade options safely and that this strategy is the only way to survive in the market for the long term.

The sales page even claims that through smart risk management, SJ options has managed to maintain a win rate of 98% for the last 6 consecutive years.

Right now SJ Options website claims that they have a system that has been perfected to the highest degree.

To “prove” their 98% consistent win rate, SJ Options is using back tested results of their SJ Options method and claiming that it was applied to a portfolio margin account.

The website even claims that their options trading strategy is outsmarting other trading methodology which have skewed winning average to losers.

These marketing declarations sound exaggerated.

Unless there’s proof of profitable trading performance, we’ll continue to treat their claims as mere marketing declarations.

SJ Options review: trading results

Does this website present any trading performance for their clients to view?

The answer is No.

What they have is “backtested results and trade ideas performance”.

Yet on their website, they warn traders that trade ideas are not performed on a live account and are only meant for educational purposes.

In fact, SJ Options are stating that they’re generating these results from paper accounts. So this basically means that none of the trading mentors here are trading a live account.

Nonetheless, marketing materials depict that SJoptions has working strategies that make money. If this is the case, then why are they not trading a live account with their own “patent-pending” strategies?

Investment hustlers trying to convince the financially desperate

By now, the truth should be crystal clear.

The sales page sounds very convincing.

But truly speaking, only the financially naive can pay $2,000 to be taught option trading strategies that have never been tested on a live account.

These guys don’t have any track record. Paper trading does not give a trading educator an edge over those who can produced a redacted broker statement of a live account.

So the question we’re asking is would you be stupid enough to spend money on these strategies even when there’s no proof of profitable trading?

To me, this looks like an investment scam. The product or service offered by SJ Options cannot be backed by evidence of credible trading performance.

We even don’t know how to go about drafting this SJ Options review because despite putting up a professional-looking website, the only thing we can see are countless promises of how the trading educator can help us reduce risk while increasing the probability of winning.


The alleged 98% win rate cannot be proved. It is such a bold claim that no trading educator must make at any give time if they have no proof.

We’re concerned because this investment educators make no mention of their losses. Their “secret options trading methodology” can’t be worth $2,000.

Their trading results and track record would burst the entire financial industry in the US if only there was some truth in those numbers.

When you see the words “backtested performance” in capital letters, you are wasting your time and potentially your financial resources.

When you see trading educators using big words, it is probably because they want to paint a false picture of their success.

Words such as “patent-pending”, Vega Multiplier System™, Diggit™, DVRatio™ and so on can be intimidating to the average Tom, Dick and Harry.

Now the truth is that all of these are considered financial mumbo jumbo. They’re words that are loved by investment hustlers such as Morris Donnis.

I would love to ask Morris of SJ Options; where are the losing trades? And how the heck do you get a 98% win rate?

Thanks for reading the SJ Options review. It appears the plan is to hustle whatever resources that the options trading wannabees have left.

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