• Hello,

    thanks for the reply, it shows you do care for what you do and for things to be done right, and I apologize if I seemed aggressive, because in reality I did not want to, but simply I was a little mad that you did not contact me before posting a review about my company, considered all the effort I put into ACTUALLY answering EVERY single question my students ask every day and providing the best service.

    regarding my proof that the strategies work, I had a discussion also 4 months ago with another person that told me that in their opinion I did not have a good strategy because I didn’t have a myfxbook, but simply the reason for it is that I use my banks trading platform for the security of funds, and they don’t have mt4 so not possible to connect to myfxbook, so I was forced to give him an investor password to verify, and I don’t like people looking that deep in my finances obviously 🙂 .
    So after that I created 2 accounts that I trade with my strategies on mt4 with ICmarkets, so that I can connect to myfxbook and prove my performance, here are the links of the fully verified accounts up to date.



    Believe it or not, I am the real deal, and my students love all my efforts and passion for teaching and trading, so it really makes me mad to see myself put side by side with the industry scammers. I also provide a LOT of free education on TRADINGVIEW, YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAM, so people can enter my services knowing what to expect, and I don’t just post 100 Lamborghini pictures or promote a get rich quick. Please delete the review or adjust it.

  • I think the exchange above just goes to shows how passionate the guy is about what he does. He puts in an immense amount of effort in his work answering every day everyone’s question including the weekend.

    I have been following his course for a week or so now and am very happy with what I am getting. Wish I’d come across him earlier!

  • This review and exchange just validated my decision to purchase this class. As a new FX Trader is hard to filter through all of the BS Guru’s!

  • I was just charged an additional $2000 from this scam of a company. They refuse to refund it and it literally just appeared on my credit card out of the blue!! Crazy but even crazier is when I talked to a representative of the company I got nothing. No help nothing. It was almost like yea we are going to try to steal $2000 from you what are you going to do about it. That was the feeling I got. What an awful awful experience I have had. I am now working with my bank to try to get my money back. I highly recommend staying as far away from this company as possible. Based on my experience my opinion is they are crooks.