• Thank you for the review for what youre doing to help the trading community.

    Im from the UK and I know this firm for some time, you can say whatever about their business model but labelling them as not legit I think is not fair to them, they are quite respected and got good reputation here in the UK and the the City of London, they got a trading floor and rent desks to traders to trade futures, this is how I came across 6 years ago, I was looking for a trading desk on trading arcade so I visited their their office near barbican station.

    I think youre just missing a couple of points, as honest. high quality and neutral review you’ve got to correct a couple of points to keep your credibility.

    1-When you say (We have discovered that none of these media houses have ever mentioned or published an article/comment)
    So this seems to be a method of feigning legitimacy. We wonder why a firm like Audacity Capital would falsely link out to these websites with the intention of lying.

    Thats wrong, Ive check my self all links one by one, all got name mentioned of the company as comment of the current markets news you can check them one by one below

    London Standard

    Check the twitter post of their Chief global strategist


    Daily Mail

    2-Regarding your point about the FCA, as far as Im aware if you’re trading exclusively on your own account not handling any clients money, offering investment advice and offering brokerage service, you don’t need to be regulated even under MFID II, I don’t see any offer mentioning they’re offering brokerage service…

    I have been trading and following trading firms here in the City of London for more than a decade, I can confirm they are one of the few who resisted that long, Ive seen hundreds opening and closing every year.

    You can check in their website below, they’re mentioning about the regulation :

    (AudaCity Capital itself does not carry out any regulated activities, the only exclusive activities we carry is Prop Trading and Professional Training and consequently is not required to be authorised by the regulatory authority. All of AudaCity Capital’s preferred clearer do conduct regulated activities and are authorised to do so by regulatory authority.)

    3- Saying they accept amateurs traders who doesn’t have experience, that not right Im afraid, they accept only professionals with experience and track records, and they need to go trough an interview process in their trading floor and get approved before joining the program.

    As a firm, if you are based in the UK is quite hard to play with such things, they are quite strict here, So I suggest to get in touch with them to get a better understanding of their model and post honest review just to make sure you’re providing a credible opinion.

    Some people they may ask why I bother to post this, because I have been trading all my life and opened a restaurant 5 years ago, I got to close down because unethical, dishonest and abusive reviews, I was victim of an organised online campaign against the reputation of my restaurant so I had to close down, that why I can’t see things who are not accurate and close eyes.


  • I got a call from Audacity to be one of their trader, after i gave my detail on their site to be one. They are offering me $15K to start with with a first time fee of $199 and subsequent fee of $99 monthly and a profit share of 50/50 and doubling account every 10% profit till $500K. They sent me an email to accept it within 24 hours or they will give it to someone else, that they receive a lot of request to join.

    It sounds very good to me, and i like it somehow, but I can’t know until i try it. And also they don’t trade Gold on currencies, and they don’t trade NFP and speeches as they informed me.

    *my real name changed for personal reasons*