6 thoughts on “City Traders Imperium Review: Funded Account a Scam?”

  1. Hello There,
    This is Martin Najat, one of City Traders Imperium Directors. This article is total BS and misleading.

    Your company’s or “Writer” of this article has never been in touch with us, never been a customer, or even tried to verify these claims by contacting us directly and asking for clarification whenever there was something that is not clear. This write of this article is 100% misinformed.

    If you have any questions or in doubt, you can always email us on [email protected] or visit our website citytradersimperium.com and we are more than happy to respond to all your questions.

  2. Hey there,
    I was planning to join CTI funded program but I found your article which was quite in detail but than you got a reply from CTI, it was a surprise for me.
    Did you get any feedback from CTI?
    It would be very helpful for people like me who are looking for funded program

  3. A bit skeptical myself. been around since 2018, yet no youtube reviews, information, etc aside from videos from their own youtube channel. couple dozen 5/5 reviews which are typical cookie cutter reviews. My only conclusions are that there are 0 people trading with them, or their max ( lot size ) makes it nearly impossibly to achieve 10% in a year, especially considering their commission fees being $9/lot… so no ones really completed it.

  4. CTI review

    Believe nothing, question everything.
    If this is deleted, I will post it again as this is my honest review.
    I have traded for CTI for a while now. Just like any other “trading scheme” out there they will make you feel as if you are really benefiting from their relationship but sadly you’re not.
    Their system is negative equity, it is designed to make you lose in the long term. When you have a continuous profit target of 10% and a Trailing drawdown of 4% you will fail at some point, usually sooner than later.
    My proof? Take a look at those that have began the challenges, those that have passed by chance because honestly the odds are so heavily against you. Where are they now? A tiny % of people pass the evaluation and CTI make sure that they post these “winning traders” on their site to try to show you that it is possible. But how many of those traders make it through the next round and the next and the next.
    Yes you guessed it NONE. Unless CTI are ready to show otherwise.(They can’t 🙂 )
    CTI is like a casino, the house always wins. They will put things in place that cause them to win in the long term while most of their “traders” fail in the long term. They know they have a failure rate of 95%+ so happily they take the one time fees and kiss you on your way. When you’re not successful they will sell you some motivational words, saying “focus on your psychology” “follow your plan” etc etc to encourage you to try again and pay the 1-time fee again. All the while selling something they themselves could not even pass. We have seen this time and time again, celebrities endorsing food/drink and cosmetic products they have in reality never used just to make sales using sweet words. This is the same.
    The reason I said their “own” challenge is because it’s not really their own. The capital in the accounts, is not theirs. Their parameters, are not theirs. They are just like any white label reseller, trying to sell the same thing another is selling to make money.
    But they will never tell you all of this.

    You have people that have been claiming to be “portfolio managers” for several months now but again with schemes like this it’s unlikely for you to stay on the same level, you either go forward or you fail. These people that claim to be “portfolio managers” have failed and lost the accounts. If you want proof contact me. CTI won’t tell you they have a failure rate of over 95%. They claim they have successful traders who are “private” trust me this is a lie.
    All these apparent “Portfolio Managers” where are they today? Failed that’s right so we don’t hear of them and CTI don’t talk about them.
    Another great question to ask is about the Head Traders, the founders that claim to be professionals with rags to riches stories and heart warming trading journey stories.
    But are they just selling these funded accounts that they sadly and evidently cannot pass themselves? YES
    They promise that they do not make a dime from people paying the 1-time fees but this is just an out right lie, I have worked as staff in a different prop firm previously. So they shouldn’t bother trying to lie to me. Also CTI as a registered UK business would be pointless if they didn’t rake in cash from one-time fees as they don’t make money any other way.
    They may not make allot from the 1-time fees but the difference between the Drawdown on each failed account and the 1-time fee paid is what they pocket.

    Claims of being “successful traders” are well know in this game. Claims that are always never backed. A common practice of prop firms is to sell other things in order to make their own independent money, aside from the profit they share with their “investors”. A community was recently rolled out by their founders and particularly by someone who claims to be a “portfolio
    Manager” to traders but has confessed to failing the “portfolio manager” level and starting again and failing.
    He is the chief of marketing at CTI…
    Why else would they roll out this big community, no other reason than to make money and I understand, if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense. But profiting off the fact that you’re selling a lie is low but expected from most, it has gone on for centuries.
    To cut a long story short, their are so many snake oil sales men out her now adays you can’t even tell what’s real or what’s fake.
    With their constant lying promises.
    All I can advise anyone about to start here is require proof, how many people have reached the Millionaire Trader tier, how many people fail the challenge, of those that do pass how many stay on or go onto fail the next stage.
    Props to them “no pun intended :)” but again just know what it is you’re getting into, if they wanted you to succeed and trade consistently over the long term they wouldn’t have a 4% relative drawdown with a 10% target. Which simply means the odds are against you.
    Again, believe nothing and question everything.

    • Uhmm… every prop firm has a maximum relative drawdown. I mean, would you let those who trade your money burn your account? The target is just for doubling your account. Even if you don’t reach the 10% target, they’ll still pay you at the end of the month. I guess you could try rereading their program again because it’s readily apparent that you don’t understand. The only thing I have to agree with the author of the article is with them not disclosing their broker.


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