Review: Pyramid Scam! is a brand new website with no disclosure of ownership information.

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The company and website is operating from Panama.

Currently, the platform is proclaiming to fund start ups and organizations in addition to helping “active people” make money.

They also state that their CEO is Eduina Rojas de Gonzalez. The platform is operating as MoneyMakers Holding Corp.

According to Open Corporates website, Money Making is associated with RAUL GARRIDO GARIBALDO who is listed as the Director, while EDUINA ROJAS DE GONZALEZ in indeed listed as the CEO.

The company does not have clear money making plan or at least this is not mentioned anywhere.

Instead, they want investors to believe that money will come out of thin air so they can use it for funding. review

This is why we always warn people not to believe everything they come across on the internet without asking questions.

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The company has created a website with thick walls of texts which we find quite cumbersome because most of this content is just vague marketing jargon.

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There is no clear direction of what “investors” are supposed to do on this website.

It appears that this “business” has two sides of the coin.

For example, they’re advertising a funding opportunities for startups and organizations and on the other hand, they are collecting at least $100 per head in what seems to be a pyramid scheme setup.

They also claim that entrepreneurs receive funding from investors and investors gain from dividends generated by those entrepreneurs.

They also claim to be a group of live and active community of people who are looking for success.

The website is indeed very popular in terms of the kind of traffic they receive (more on this later).

Despite strongly lacking in details and instead giving site visitors marketing fluff, people appear to be “well-connected” to this site. and the pyramid scheme business

It’s interesting to see that while they claim to finance businesses, they are also collecting money from those business owners while promising a ROI.

Unlike traditional HYIPs or pyramid schemes that peddle “investment packages” on the internet, this business is actually providing something that is a little convincing.

The pyramid scheme actually consists of “investment plans” labeled “Small Pool”, “Big Pool” and “Money Making”.

ROIs are allegedly paid in just 1 month. However, those who deposit at least $10,000 are to be paid after 3 months.

The company is citing “logistical challenges” with bigger payments which also involves organization.

The following table highlights what the company claims to offer:

$100 to $9998.75% weekly1 month
$1 000 to $9 99910% weekly1 month
$10 000 to $49 99952.70% monthly3 months
$50 000 to $500 00062% monthly3 months
From $1 to $990.80% daily1 month
From $100 to $9990.98% daily1 month
From $1 000 to $9 9991.16% daily1 month
From $10 000 to $50 0001.34% daily1 month
From $100 to $9991.16% daily3 months
From $1 000 to $9 9991.34% daily3 months
From $10 000 to $49 9991.42% daily3 months
From $50 000 to $500 0001.7% daily3 months fails to disclose what they do with investors deposits or how profits are to be generated from these funds.

It appears that by claiming to fund startups, they can easily convince people that all the profits are coming from the dividends of these startups.

The problem is that there is no evidence that has funded even 1 startup.

Furthermore, it appears that this company is basically offering a get-rich-quick scheme type of investing.

There is no business or company that can generate the kinds of returns offered in the above table.

So where exactly are they making all this money which they want to pay out?

Traffic sources can give us a clue

When I looked at traffic sources and demographics of visitors, I realized that most visitors were either from website to another pyramid scheme and vice versa.

The websites involved in this traffic pattern include (a pyramid scheme), (a scam),, and so on.

All the websites that we’ve listed above are cheap scams (some are now defunct) and it seems people who are attracted to this get-rich-quickly lifestyle will naturally want to participate in the supposed investing opportunity provided by

And with no disclosure of how ROIs are generated and proof of actually funding startups, it can safely be concluded that is a pyramid scheme.

Do you know what happens if you join

The ugly thing will happen especially if you end up “investing” a lot of money on the promise of attaining financial freedom.

The first thing to note is that such shady websites will ask you for a small amount like $100 and they will actually “return a profit”.

This is a bait and once you eat it, you will naturally want to “invest” more to earn more.

At this point, some individuals will even put in $10,000 hoping to make quick money.

When this happens, the investor loses his money and therefore they become victims of fraud.


Never send money to bogus websites like

The moron will simply take your money and even block you. Never fall for websites where owners are promising overnight returns that can make you a millionaire in one year.

If it’s too good to be true, it is always a scam! Just live by that rule.

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