Ex Bonds Review: Ex Bonds Ltd Scam!

Ex Bonds at exbonds.com is a site that purports to generate guaranteed profits from trading.

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Daily return are supposedly 4% to 5% respectively. All investment plans run for 50 calendar days and are purported to yield 300% and 350% respectively.

They claim to invest in Forex, Gold, ETFs, Bank fixed deposits, Cryptocurrencies, Shares and Options.

Investment plans in this site start at $10 and can go to as high as $100,000 depending on how they convince users.

However, Ex Bonds does not have an about us page or physical address.

The people behind Ex Bonds are also anonymous. This makes their credibility questionable.

So the question is, can one actually make money by “investing” with ex Bonds?

Is Ex Bonds legit?

The problem with a site that is run anonymously such as ExBonds is that it is offering a financial service without a license.

Not only is this illegal, but it does not provide investors with the assurance they need concerning the safety of their money.

ex bonds ltd review

Furthermore, all sites that operate like exbonds (providing high yield investment plans) and are not registered are almost certainly a scam.

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Secondly, these guys are anonymous. Their transparency is questionable.

Their “investment” experience is questionable too.

Should you invest with ExBonds?

No you should not because this site is clearly a scam.

If nothing is known about them, it means your money will not be safe in their hands.

Can you recover money lost through ExBonds?

Yes you can recover money lost by sending it to scammers who run the site.

Simply book an appointment with these guys and you’ll be sorted.


HYIPs are a type of investment scams. They don’t actually trade the instruments mentioned above.

They pay ROIs from previous deposits before they stop it altogether.

When this happens, they close down the site and disappear.

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