COMEX Trades Review

COMEX Trades is a fake investment site with a bogus US address.

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When you “invest” with this site, you’re promised 2.1% daily ROI for 20 days or 3.5% daily for 55 days.

COMEX Trades is purporting to trade Cryptocurrencies and generating these profits on behalf of its investors.

While they claim to operate from the United States, they are also giving a physical UK address.

Their certificate of incorporation also shows that they are operating from the UK.

These incorporation certificates don’t mean much. There are many scams similar to COMEX Trades that operate from the UK with a fake incorporation certificate.

Is COMEX Trades legit?

No, this is not a legit website. It is made up of lies and empty promises.

If they are truly trading, we want to see audited trading performance from a third party.

comex trades review

The truth is that it is a HYIP which intends to collect money from investors by providing a Bitcoin address where naive victims send money and never see it again.

Furthermore, this website is illegal because it is operating without a broker’s license.

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For this company to legally offer its financial services in US or UK, it should prove that they are real traders with a broker’s license.

Specifically, brokers in the US are registered by FINRA while those in the UK are licensed by the FCA.

We should see these licenses on their site.


Stay away from Comex Trades as it will scam you of whatever money you send them.

In short, they are not trading any Cryptocurrencies. That is the reason the owner is anonymous.

They don’t want any transparency or accountability. Thanks for reading our review.

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5 Responses to “COMEX Trades Review”

  1. sapieninvestor says:

    the site is working and paying man, what lies are you talking bout?

    1. Mod says:

      No it is not. Your the one lying

      1. Nattu says:

        have you actually invested with them or have you come across anyone who has invested and lost their money?
        you are just making an observation by looking at their website, aren’t you?

  2. Moses James says:

    owner is anonymous? its in their documents.

    and is there anyone who has actually invested with them?

  3. anders says:

    All websites that make daily profits through digital currencies are scams. I became a member of one of them, I first deposited $ 10 and made a profit for a few days( I got greedy and deposited $ 537 and suddenly my account was closed and I was fired from the Telegram group. All of these are mostly in the UK and have a fake address there. Do not be fooled by their beautiful appearance and great websites…Dear ones,Please warn people on all social networks. This was the least I did for your awareness….I made a mistake and tell others as well,,,,,,,,,,,,,no pain, no gain

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