FX Golden Circle Review: They’re Forex Thieves

FX Golden Circle uses its fancy website to make ridiculous claims of how they offer Forex signals that have a 91% win rate.

FX Golden Circle further claims that they can deliver signals that net 550 to 700 pips weekly. No losses have been disclosed yet.

In fact, this company operates like Premium Trading Signals, Project Bulls, Degram Signals and many others. Take note that the reason I discredited those signals services is because they never gave the community a reason to trust that they provide profitable trading alerts.

With regards to FX Golden Circle, the owner is basically asking people to copy paste their trade recommendations because they allegedly do fundamental and technical analysis on behalf of traders.

The Fxgoldencircle.com website is advertising free Gold and Forex signals which are delivered through the company’s Telegram channel.

The company’s Telegram channel has thousands of subscribers who may not be legitimate as the owner of FX Golden Circle is very canning and could easily buy Telegram subscribers to build a sense of trust in the community.

Since this is not a trustworthy Forex signals service, you should opt for these trading products recommendations because clearly FX Golden Circle appears to be a real scam.

FX Golden Circle review: Why they suck

First of all, this company does not say who they are or where they come from. It appears that all they’re interested in is to make quick bucks from gullible consumers who won’t ask many questions either.

Nevertheless, as our survey team was researching the details of this company, it was found that FX Golden Circle is possibly operating out of Canada.

The problem with not being transparent is that traders will generally not trust you even if you say that you have working Forex signals that you’re offering for free.

Also, these people appear to be excellent salespeople as their website keeps promising money and little work.

But you also have to remember that when the deal is too sweet, think twice. There is no way this company is going to make you money when their website is designed to trap the financially naive.

Their promises are somewhat believable to consumers who have never traded Forex before. However, to the knowleagable, this marketing material is BS.

FX Golden Circle and how they scam investors

It has apparently come to our attention that this website is soliciting money from gullible investors and deceivingly “multiplying” it.

They have a way of luring investors and making them deposit huge amounts of money to an unknown platform.

Once the victim has been convinced and has wired the funds to the scammers, the company will show fake profits on the dashboard and ask the investor to deposit 10% in order to successfully perform a withdrawal.

When a victim sends this money, they are scammed twice. Unfortunately some people still fall for this BS because they don’t know better.

In other words, this website does not offer any reliable Forex signals. There is no consistency and their alleged accuracy rate is false because they can’t verify it.

The Conclusion

If they were not a scam, they would have provided proof of their profitability. Most of the time I look at a vendor’s myfxbook profile to judge results based on a 6 month trading sample.

FX Golden Circle is clearly not interested in proving their alleged profitability. If anything, they have a bad report out here of how they scam traders. Never sign up for such a Forex signals service even if its “free” because the word free is what they use to trap you.