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Degram Signals Review: Scam or Legit?

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Today’s review is about Degram Signals because the service is providing Forex and Crypto signals which we love to cover on this blog.

The service was founded in December 2019, although they still insist that their website appeared on the internet 2 years ago.

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Based on our review of the service and feedback from the community, I feel that the service is not yet at par with some of the best signals services that are recommended on this platform.

Degram Signals also proclaims that they’ve been trading for 11 years and would like to provide quality over quantity, and generally make us successful in trading.

They boast of working with ‘top analysts’ whose forecasts comes with an accuracy level of 85%.

This statement feels like mere exaggeration since the service charges $10 only for private signal analysis.

This is cheaper than what I expect of this vendor, based on what they’ve told us about their level of experience and qualifications.

My thinking is that either they’re providing market analysis for charity or the service must be of poor quality.

I’ll therefore provide a walk-round of the signal service, letting you know whether you should invest time or money here.

Degram Signals review

The website of this vendor is quite professional, save for the bold statements which they make in the spirit of promoting their signals.

They have a countdown timer on their homepage where they currently announce a discount of 20%.

I’ve visited this website for more than one week now, and I discovered that the countdown timer is always resetting itself upon expiry.

In terms of what Degram Signals offers, they promise to give us:

1.Forex and Crypto signals that are easy to follow and understand.

2.In-depth market analysis and research.

3.4 Forex signals per day and 10 Crypto signals per week.

In addition to this, Degram signals is also promoting Forex and Crypto brokers.

This is quite normal as most signal vendors want a cut of your money through affiliate commissions.

Most traders don’t care as long as the vendor is providing a premium service that makes money.

The trading strategy of Degram Signals

The vendor’s website did not disclose what trading strategy they are using to analyze the market and generate signals.

However, the FAQ section provides a general statement on how professional traders should approach the market.

They believe that with good risk management, mentality and strategy, any trader can achieve a monthly return of between 10-20%.

While this statement is true, I feel that the vendor is not being specific with how they trade.

I wonder what else can compel us to use their service if they’ve not made this one important disclosure.

The pricing of Forex and Crypto signals

1.Forex Signals….. $76 monthly, $190 yearly or $290 lifetime

2.Crypto Signals…….$68 monthly, $190 yearly or $290 lifetime

3. Indices….. $70 monthly, $190 yearly or $290 lifetime

4.Forex Education….$290 (basic) or $490 (advanced)

While pricing is reasonable, I’m interested in finding out why someone would want to charge a one-time fee for lifetime access of trading services.

Trading performance

Account statements are an integral part of my reviews.

Degram Signals has published a page of their ‘weekly trade report’, and they claim to have ‘verifiable’ statistics spanning 1 year.

I do not know why they have to go this route, despite the industry and its consumers being clear of the fact that verifiable results can only be presented using statement sharing services like Myfxbook.

In as much as they promise good and consistent returns in their Forex and Crypto signals products, I do not have proof of their consistency just yet.

I wonder if Degram Signals representatives will find it compelling to show us their myfxbook account because I want to see the most important metrics of their trading.

Otherwise, I don’t trust anybody that makes the kind of income claims that we find on this vendor’s website.

The salesman tactic

Degram signals tends to rely on colorful language to promote their service.

For example, the vendor’s website states that they profit in both Bullish and Bearish markets.

They also talk about their website receiving a lot of stellar reviews.

I’ll definitely check this and verify if there are any legitimate user reviews about this signal service.

Degram Signals is promoting its service by proclaiming to be a market leader in Forex and Crypto trading.

The vendor wants to provide traders with 1,000 pips per month and promises to deliver a win rate of 70%.

Their Crypto signal service is also promising 50%, and at this point I can’t tell whether the company is referring to the expected monthly returns or something else.

Degram Signals is running a Telegram channel where their signals are dispatched to their audience.

While their promotion materials claim that the signal service is followed by 2 million audience, their traffic suggests that the website actually receives less than 100 visitors per day.

The owner of this company is using the name DeGRAMForex on his Telegram channel.

I actually prefer vendors who provide a proper introduction of who they are and where they’re running the signals out of.

It actually bumps their credibility ratings a bit when we do reviews of their services.

The supposed consumer reviews

Degram signals announced that their service is approved by numerous good customer reviews.

I don’t want to believe that the vendor is making mere claims that are unverifiable.

Obviously Google is there to confirm if this is true.

A quick search definitely reveals Degram Signals has invested heavily in their online reputation.

They have over 200 ‘reviews’ on Trustpilot while the Forex Peace Army website only has 1.

Both of these websites are running a successful reputation management business.

This means that some shady vendors (if not most of them) are always shelling out hundreds of bucks every month to create a name on these platforms.

When there is a negative review, it is quickly countered by numerous ‘positive ones’ which means the feedback will not find its way to the top pages.

Some shady marketers even hire freelancers from marketplaces such as Fiverr to post fake reviews.

Just look at how easy it is to outsource cheap, fake reviews of your service:

For just $5, you’re set!


At this point, I conclude that Degram Signals is professional but is seriously lacking in terms of transparency.

I would like to see their trading performance and make my own judgement based on important metrics like monthly returns, drawdown etc.

Also, if you have your own feedback, kindly publish it below so we can all read it.

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  1. well, just go to trust pilot and read the 1* and 2* reviews then its pretty obvious – according to those review – lingrid, degram – all the same.

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