Premium Trading Signals Review: ( Scam?

Premium Trading Signals is a Telegram signal service from a team with alleged combined experience of 25 years.

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The service uses a combination of technical indicators, news analysis and computer algorithms.

This success rate is 93% — which is quite high and unrealistic as well.

So the signal vendor actually needs to provide some sort of performance proof to back this claim.

Also, as we continue with this review, I would like to lead traders to our list of the best signal providers and EAs for trading.

As always, successful trading goes hand in hand with a good broker.

That said, we’ll focus on this signal provider to help you make a decision because money will be involved if you decide to use them.

The vendor is currently promising good success rate, lifetime membership and other benefits.

Whether we can make money with this signal service in the long run is the big question.

Background information of Premium Trading Signals? is the web address that this service is using to advertise the service.

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The vendor launched this signal service in June 2019 and according to their about us page, the service was founded by people who are only introduced as Jason & Heather.

Premium Trading Signals discloses that the business was sold to Trading Online Limited.

Trading Online Limited is allegedly based in Seychelles but Premium Trading Signals is operating out of London.

None of the expert traders mentioned on the vendor’s website were introduced with regards to their names, professional profile or trading experience.

In short, I cannot verify the alleged 25 years of combined trading experience seeing that the service was started in 2019.

Trading signal packages

Premium Trading Signals has 2 pricing plans named standard and professional.

The vendor claims that these pricing plans guarantee lifetime membership into the service.

Currently they are charging 249 Euros and 349 Euros respectively.

They promise FX, Stock, Commodity and Crypto signals. The basic plan will also give us an economic Calendar, a Crypto Calendar and compatibility with all brokers.

The service is however providing faster notifications in the higher plan.

This professional plan also promises up to 400 signals weekly and a new Telegram signal service is in the offing.

In conclusion, the difference between the two plans is the choice of assets you can trade as well as the number of signals you will receive.

Unlike most signal providers, is using a one-time payment model with no trial.

I don’t know how many traders would be willing to pay 249 Euros upfront for a service they have neither tested nor seen performance of.

There are many scams and most traders have since resorted to looking for performance proof before they can sign up for a signal service that charges this amount of money.

Is Premium Trading Signals a high success rate signal service?

After providing us with a quick overview of their trading activities i.e. how they generate signals, the vendor believes that the community has enough insights about their trading.

Nevertheless, this is not enough as we’d like to see them providing a quick overview of their strategy as well as how they manage their risks.

It is not enough to mention technical indicators, news and trading algorithms since this does not tell us whether their strategy is safe and consistent or not.

Therefore, I can’t prove their high win rate claim unless we look at their trading results for at least 2 months.

The success rate of

With no proof of performance in form of trading statements or documented results from myfxbook, there’s no way to prove their 93% win rate.

The service does not even tell us what drawdown to expect when we choose to subscribe.

If the high win rate is something that is true, I see no reason why the signal vendor should not post their results on their website.


I’m not going to recommend a signal service based on its promises alone.

The signal services that make it to our list of recommended trading services are often verified and to some extent offering free trials before commitment.

With this service, I see that their pricing is weird as they also accept Bitcoin which cannot be claimed back in case the service turns out to be garbage.

In short, you are on your own if you decide to subscribe. But certainly I wouldn’t recommend the service until I see that it is indeed profitable and reliable.

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