Forex Live Trade Alerts Review: A Scam?

Welcome to the Forex Live Trade Alerts review.

Did this company scam you? Are you facing difficulty withdrawing money out of this broker?

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This Forex and Crypto signal provider is new but anonymous.

They claim to provide 100% customized trade alerts by Forex trend analysis experts.

They proclaim 10+ years of experience in the financial industry.

However, with the anonymous nature of admins, we’re currently not able to verify their track record.

And that is why this review is imperative because it will give you directions on whether to sign up or not to.

We generally prefer Forex signal providers with proven track record in the industry.

We just don’t want fly-by-night operations that over-promise but do very little in terms of demonstrating what they’ve achieved in the past.

Is Forex Live Trade Alerts legit?

We find this vendor’s website a bit disorganized but one thing is clear……. this is a one-man army!

Forex Live Trade Alerts review

The menu section is untidy plus images and texts are thrown around carelessly.

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This has to do with the template that ForexLiveTradeAlerts uses but again it is the least of my concern when we choose to specifically focus on the service.

The service is very new as it was registered in March of 2020.

They have a bunch of signal packages for traders who don’t want to spend hours in front of the charts.

Their main selling point is that Forex Live Trade Alerts does everything for the trader.

There are 3 to 7 Forex signals per day and most of it is scalping.

Risk reward ratio is between 1:2 and 1:5.

Trading hours are during New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo sessions respectively.

Most important thing to note is that these signals are market execution.

This means that if you miss the trade, there is no entering until you catch another signal alert.

Breakdown of forexlivetradealerts signals service

This vendor is offering all kinds of signal packages.

The following table highlights what you must expect when you pay this Forex signal service to provide you with alerts.

PackagePricingStrategyWin rate
FXLiveTraderAlerts Weekly$35Price action, trend & Support Intraday87-93%
FXLiveTradeAlerts Monthly$100Price action & Intraday87-93%
VIP US30,SPX500,XAU, BTC signals monthly$300/3 monthsUndisclosed83-90%
FXliveTradeAlerts Fully Year$499Price action, trend & support87-93%
Lifetime access$1000Undisclosed (professional advice included87-93%

Forex Live Trade Alerts creates the impression that the vendor is very casual.

I don’t know what is going to set this vendor apart from services like Edge Tradings, One Million Trade, Forex Guru Team and so on.

Trading performance of Forex Live Trade Alerts

Forex Live Trade Alerts has zero trading performance to showcase.

This is quite embarrassing considering that the service provider is proclaiming 10 years of experience.

We do not feel confident copying the signals of a service provider that has no reputation.


Forex Live Trade Alerts is a no for us.

They may be new to the marketplace but this does not mean they should be so casual.

I’m looking for the vendor’s reputation because surely a decade is a long period of time and if someone is trading, they should have a track record.

I do not see myself recommending the services of this signal provider.

Thanks for reading.

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