One Million Trade Review: Signal and Financial Advice

Welcome to the One Million Trade review.

One Million Trade is operating from the domain which was registered in February 2019 to provide signals and investment advisory service.

There is no disclosure of ownership information and we certainly can’t verify the experience of this signal vendor.

However, One Million Trade claims that their signals have a 90% accuracy rate and are based on price action trading.

In addition to this, traders wanting to seek investment advice can create an account and take advantage of the 7 day free trial.

This trading signals and analysis service delivers its service through a web and mobile app that can directly be downloaded from the vendor’s website.

The service is providing signals and investment advice covering Forex, Indexes and Commodities markets.

Is One Million Trade legit?

This signal and trade analysis service is rather weird because pricing is not upfront.

Secondly, they don’t disclose traders who produce these signals for the customers.

It is therefore quiet difficult to verify their “decades of experience” in the financial market place.

One Million Trade review

In addition to this, the website does not disclose where they’re operating from.

It’s important for signal providers to post this information on their website so that traders can plan according to their respective time zones.

The vendor’s promotion materials also claim that hundreds of traders use their analysis on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be true since the website does not receive any significant traffic on a daily basis.

In addition to this, there are no reviews of this service anywhere on the internet.

This review would be the best opportunity to provide your feedback regarding this service.

Other than claiming to analyze the financial markets using price action, the vendor does not provide any insights regarding what strategy they’re using,

With such mediocre presentation, it is very difficult to believe that this service will provide quality signals or investment recommendation.


The service does not come across as professional to attract the attention of the community.

Their claims are unverifiable.

Their 90% accuracy rate is just a claim and a pipe dream because if they could trade with this efficiency, we’re sure the service would be on another level.

We do not recommend this signal service as they don’t appear to understand what they are doing or why they have a website in the first place.

If you would like to trade the financial service, your best bet is to use these highly recommended trading products and services.