Forex Guru Team Review: Scam Signals?

Forex Guru Team is a website that sells Forex signals and managed trading accounts.

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The website’s address is and they also claim to be operating from the USA.

With regards to their Forex signals, they promise to deliver between 4 to 8 signals daily.

Weekly profit target is 500 pips, although the service is also guaranteeing 2000+ pips monthly.

We find these guarantees a weird style of promoting a Forex signal service because in the market, nothing is often guaranteed, not even pips.

We want to know whether Forex Guru Team has verifiable trading performance as opposed to screenshots of trading results which they’ve randomly posted on their website as a way to promote the service.

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Is Forex Guru Team Legit?

No, we don’t think this signal provider is legitimate in their offering.

forex guru team review

Let’s start with pricing where they tell us that we can get a lifetime subscription for only $190.

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Do you think a good signal provider with consistent performance can charge $190 for lifetime access?

VIP access costs $45 per month, which is just too good to be true for a signal service that proclaims a wealth of experience.

In fact, their website,, was registered in July 2019.

We find it very weird that a signal provider claiming to have a decade of experience in serving 1200+ traders can operate without a website all this time.

And of course Forex Guru Team is not providing information about their managed accounts and how fees are charged.

On top of that, the service does not disclose their strategy or even how they manage risk.

It’s quite difficult to establish the authenticity of such a service.


We’re obviously not going to recommend this service because they don’t seem to be legit.

Their trading performance is nowhere to be found and instead they rely on screenshots of ‘trading results” which can be manipulated easily.

Stay away from such shady websites which claim to generate steady returns in the Forex market when it is obvious they have no such capability.

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