Xpoken.com Review: Another Scam Broker (very risky)

We cannot trust Xpoken.com because they are an offshore broker that could potentially abuse and manipulate your trades. The ultimate goal of a broker like Xpoken would be to steal your deposit.

Despite the company presenting their financial services in a decent website design, they still lack transparency at large, and such brokers may hurt your tradin even if you had the best in class trading signals.

Now, details such as who owns the company or where it is registered have never been disclosed.

Keep in mind that Xpoken platform is soliciting at least $100 from investors but they do not want to get upfront with us.

We do not recommend trading with Xpoken because their website fails to inspire trust and confidence.

What we see is an unlicensed Forex broker hiding behind a professional website to deceive traders and investors.

Xpoken review

There’s the usual tradeable instruments offered on a proprietary trading platform called XPtrader.

We have looked into this platform in details and found out that it is not very user-friendly. Besides, it looks like a typical binary options trading platform.

We do prefer the popular MT5 trading platform as this is straight forward and it also comes with a bunch of trading indicators which we can use for free.

Xpoken is offering leverage of 1:400 which is within reasonable limits. However, we still can’t trust them based on this alone as there are other serious considerations to keep in mind.

Who owns Xpoken and where are they located?

The broker is employing stealth tactics to conceal the identities of the operators.

They have failed to provide their physical address, which makes us question whether this website was registered by a company or just an individual.

Either way, we feel that lack of transparency is one of the reasons we cannot trust them.

Why is Xpoken not licensed?

Because they are a typical scam that wants to steal your deposit and get away with it.

The first rule of thumb is that you should never sign up or deposit money in an unregulated trading platform as it puts you at risk of losing your hard-earned money.

Therefore, we ask our readers to forget about this website because nothing good can come out of an unregulated broker that has chosen a secret offshore jurisdiction for business.

How do they intend to scam you?

The modas operandi is still the same across the the board. Scammers want your email and phone number so that they can call you, sweet talk you and hopefully pressure you into making a deposit.

This is how Blockchaintradein and a few other scam brokers are operating their businesses.

Because the scammers are highly trained and experienced in marketing psychology, they can get a large number of people to sign up simply by talking to them.

What to do if you have been scammed by Xpoken

These days it is easy to get a chargeback if you have been scammed.

We’ve teamed up with money recovery companies that can help you get back your stolen money.

This is a complex network of financial organizations and law enforcement that are working round the clock to help victims file a successful chargeback.

So if you have lost money, click the red box at the beginning of this article or use the live chat at the bottom of this site to request a chargeback.

Take note that you can recover both fiat and Crypto lost in the hands of scammers.

The Conclusion

Your funds are not safe in the hands of these scammers. This is because Xpoken is showing all the signs of determination to conceal their identity.

We cannot trust the broker with any funds because they are not licensed and they don’t have any obligations to treat you with respect.

If you’ve lost any money to this scam, we ask you to click below and recover your money immediately.