Review: Another Deadly Scam is a scam that wants to ‘help you plan your wealth and strategize your investments”. The first problem is that this is a big lie. This corny site is the reason a lot of victims have lost their money. If you are one of the victims, CLICK HERE to get your money back. 

The second problem is we do not trust them as we have spotted several lies and misleading marketing gimmicks on their website.

This kind of an ‘investment’ platform is actually run by thieves, hence we couldn’t include them in our list of recommended trading and investing services.

In addition to this, Blockchaintradein claims it will give you financial freedom. Their website is divided into two parts where they present a brokerage platform and another part dealing with asset management.

The company also refers to its brand as ‘BTI’, and we are not buying their story since there platform is showing many red flags that are typical of an investment scam.

This website is registered under a UK entity known as Blockchain Investment Group Ltd and they are also lying to us that the company is FCA-registered.

Actually, we couldn’t verify their supposed license number (11266571) as it did not match any license in the FCA database.

In short, Blockchaintradein is lying about their licensing and is illegally soliciting funds from investors in Europe and the world at large.

Blockchaintradein Review: The scam is clever

The brokerage that is incorporated into a separate directory within the platform is where they offer Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Commodities and Energies.

The minimum investment is $250 but these crooks have a way of convincing you to deposit more money.

They will cold call you since Blockchaintradein is a typical boiler room scam that thrives on hungry salesmen who are trained to lure victims over the phone.

The brokerage platform is also where they claim to trade your funds and definitely victims will not ask questions if they see that indeed a broker is involved and their money is ‘being invested’ in the financial markets as promised.

On the other hand, their wealth management service is where they accept sign ups from victims who want to diversify their portfolio but do not have an idea of how to get started.

Whatever approach you use to interact with this corny site as an investor, you will be sure that you are dealing with thieves and your deposit will go down the drain.

Blockchaintradein lies about their founder and team members

The site has provided us with a bunch of faces that portray their ‘team members’.

The supposed team members are clearly stock photos which are sometimes incorporated into scripts that scammers buy from marketplaces like Codecanyon.

In short Blockchaintradein is not intending to disclose who owns or runs the platform because they are crooks and their only selfish interest is to steal your money.

They are cleverly fabricating reviews on Trustpilot

We’ve said many times that Trustpilot cannot be trusted because the platform is bias and will also promote scammers as long as the company is paid a monthly fee.

With this payment, scammers can control who comments and who does not comment about their companies on the platform.

Once a paying customer writes an exposing review and the scammer feels unease, he simply flags the review and Trustpilot (having eaten the scammers money) will gladly pull down the review.

Now, the crooks running Blockchaintradein are taking advantage of this. This is why they have 5 star reviews all over.

The only negative review that we came across was from someone who claimed another scammer stole thousands of dollars from him pretending to be one of the ‘staff members’ of Blockchaintradein.

Obviously this ‘negative review’ is also fabricated, just to give the impression that the platform is actually receiving genuine 5 star reviews.

Do not be fooled nevertheless.

What to do if you are scammed by Blockchaintradein

Because this platform is an obvious scam, we know many people have lost money in their hands and they actually don’t have a voice due to the manipulative tactics which they use to silence their victims.

Thankfully, even if you were scammed, there’s hope because you can recover your money. But how?

You need to click into the red box at the beginning or end of this review so that you can commence the chargeback process.

This process involves financial institution, the blockchain network and law enforcement who work hand in hand to track and return your stolen money to you.

The Conclusion

Blockchaintradein is a clever scam but most people can’t tell due to the professional design of the homepage,and the language of the boiler room salesmen.

Whatever the case, we ask you to avoid this platform at all cost.