VNNEX Review: Fake Investment Platform (

VNNEX is a website hosted on the domain and claiming to provide investment advisory services.

The fake company was registered in June 2021 but for the sake of safety, investors are highly discouraged against trusting these fly by night operations.

The supposed trading and investment platform is claiming to have partnered with another company called Juze Investment to provide “optimal” portfolio planning.

Juze Investment is allegedly a multi-regulated company. According to, Juze Investment is regulated by the FCA, ASIC, FINMA, SFC, SEC and NYSE.

VNNEX wants investors to believe that Juze Investment is actually a big company with a global presence.

However, we’ve looked into the background of Juze Investment only to realize that there’s one Juze Investment registered and licensed by ASIC in Australia.

There’s no relationship between this Australian company and the Juze Investment that is allegedly affiliated with VNNEX.

In addition to this, VNNEX does not appear to understand how and who is regulating companies that provide financial services.

This is why they’ve listed NYSE as one of the regulatory agencies yet this is not the work of NYSE.

Furthermore, we’ve searched the database of SEC in America but didn’t find reference to this Juze Investment company.

In short, VNNEX is lying about their regulatory status. The website is dishonest and it also looks like everything they say will turn out to be false.

Such websites will never get a place in our list of the most recommended trading and investing services.

VNNEX Review: Marketing materials don’t make sense website does not disclose who owns or runs their operations yet we’d like to know the people who will be handling our portfolio.

The people running this website are faceless yet they want investors to trust them with money.

The company is allegedly engaging in multi-asset trading and custody of funds through Juze Investment, yet we’ve found that the company which they are making reference to is anonymous and does not seem to exist. also claims that they are widely known and trusted by financial institutions like banks and other financial intermediaries.

While Vnnex is listing down the alleged financial institutions badges, we are unable to trace the connection between Vnnex and these banks.

In short, this marketing material is false and misleading. It is meant to feign legitimacy so as to make VNNEX look credible.

Why is a complex scam

To reap you off, either VNNEX will convince you to sign up and deposit money through their platform or through their fake Juze investment company.

This is a well-orchestrated plan and even more complex than basic scams like FDX Capital or R24 Capital.

Once you sign up, you will be presented with a user dashboard where you can “track” all your investment activities.

While they claim that Vnnex is a professional market trading platform, the truth is that there is no trading activities going on.

The funds will be recycled in the sense that new investors deposit so that old investors can earn a small percentage.

This encourages investors to deposit more money. Of course a complex scam like VNNEX has a team of experienced telemarketers who will call victims over the phone and make them deposit the money they want.

In the end, all deposits will be locked in the platform with no option of ever withdrawing money.

Eventually, the scam will stop responding to their customers’ emails. They will have run away with all the money.

The Conclusion is not a regulated investment platform. Nevertheless, they are trying to convince investors that they are well regulated.

When you spot these lies, you need to stay away from the offending company because clearly this website will steal from you.

There is no investment and every money that is pumped through VNNEX will be lost.