FDX Capital Review: fdxcap.com is a Scam

FDX Capital is a China-based website and company claiming to provide reliable and sustainable investment management services.

FDX Capital, whose domain is Fdxcap.com was created in December 2019, which means they are very new to the investment marketplace, despite their website claiming that their fund managers possess some experience.

The fund managers are anonymous. The only information that Fdxcap.com provides is that there are 5 of them, working out of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia.

FDX Capital claims to have partnered with CP Markets Limited to deliver their services to investors.

However, CP Markets Limited is a scam broker too. Their domain can be found at coopermarkets.com, where they trap investors with promises that they won’t fulfill.

We are also aware of the fact that FDX Capital is not a regulated entity. With no valid regulatory information on their website, you can be sure that this site is a high risk to all potential investors.

Please note: To avoid getting scammed, only invest with these recommended trading services.

FDX Capital (fdxcap.com) fake rewards and bonuses

The company is still advertising their “anniversary reward” which ought to have ended in March 2021. The total rewards up for grabs was allegedly up to the tune of $2,000,000.

There’s zero evidence that the company ever rewarded investors with the said imaginary cash.

In fact, the only reason why this reward is still being advertised is because FDXcap.com wants to entice financially naïve visitors who land on their website.

There is nothing like free money, and more so scammers will never give out any free money to anyone.

FDX Capital Fake promises

The company claims that it will provide investors with Forex investment management services as well as educate them on matters related to Forex trading.

Apart from this, FDX Capital proclaims that they are transparent, stable and sustainable. They want investors to feel that their platform provides a secure environment for all investors.

However, this is far from the truth. The truth is that once an investor signs up and places a deposit, they will never see their money again.

In short, the purpose for running a website like FDX Cap is to separate investors from their money with no recourse or hope of ever recovering victims’ money.

Useless Question and Answer page

The anonymous owners of FDXCap are presenting us with a gibberish FAQ page where they talk of unrelated information instead of focusing on what they provide.

I don’t expect these folks to discuss the meaning of what myfxbook is because all investors already know what it is.

Basically all the information on this page does not answer important questions like regulatory status of FDXCap, proof of performance, minimum deposit and so on.

FDXCap is not a licensed financial service

Partnering with a scam like Cooper Markets does not make this website legitimate.

Even if investors’ accounts are held with Cooper Market, the fraud will still happen because who knows whether the two companies are owned by the same people?

To cut the long story short, this financial service is not regulated. It is basically operating like R24 Capital, Platinum Hitech, EuroXN, MicFX and several other fraudulent financial platforms.

Nasty customer complaints

Many people have reported that FDXcap is not processing any withdrawal requests. Once a victim’s money is stolen, the company will cease to answer any emails from that particular victim.

The purpose of investing is to make profit and also get your principle balance back. Nevertheless, it seems that FDX Capital is doing the opposite by stealing customer funds instead.

The Conclusion

This is a bloody scam that seeks to disappoint investors in Forex trading. Their website does not have contact information except links to their social media pages which rarely get updated with new information.

To sign up and make a deposit on this platform is to lose your investment money.

You can only be safe when you follow these investment recommendations.