The Seiden Strategies Review: Scam or Legit?

The Seiden Strategies is the latest trading school and investment service that we will review to let you know whether it’s viable or not.

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It is run by the infamous Sam Seiden of Online Trading Academy (OTA), the fraudulent trading school that fleeced victims of thousands of dollars.

The Seiden Strategies appears to be the latest reincarnation of the Online Trading Academy scam.

In the fraudulent scheme, Sam Seiden and his accomplices admitted to having defrauded victims of 360 million dollars.

Shortly after, the FTC did seize Sam’s illegally-acquired assets.

Even before dust can settle down, he has invested yet another “investment school” with an ancient Roman theme called the The Seiden Strategies.

This time Sam is back with a bang, having regurgitated content from his previous scam because it appears he loves creating “investment schools” and making illegal money from the financially desperate.

Even with 3 class action lawsuits against his fraud, he doesn’t seem to fret.

In short, Sam Seiden admits fraud and does not have a product or service that anyone can recommend.

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The Seiden Strategies review

The Seiden Strategies is actually operating from the website which was registered in March 2020.

The Seiden Strategies

Other than 3 levels of “investment education” offered by The Seiden Strategies website, they also offer access to the following products and services:

  • Daily live active trading sessions covering stocks, Forex and Futures market.
  • Veritas – “powerful trading tool” that identifies powerful trading opportunities based on “Sam Seidenā€™s original Market Timing Strategy“.
  • Proprietary options strategy trading tools
  • Investment recommendation for members wanting solutions to their financial or retirement needs.
  • Forum where Sam Seiden streams pre-market trading and analysis sessions.

The pricing of these products and services are in 2 tiers:

In tier 1, Sam Seiden sells “The Strategy” where he charges $6,995 and a furtherĀ $3,995 every year thereafter.

In tier 2, he sells “The Strategy plus” where he charges $8,995 and $4,995 for the subsequent years.

The Seiden Strategies also makes money from an add-on product called “The Emperors Club“.

Investors will fork out a whooping $1,995 per year to keeping using this product.

The membership council!

Yet another service where members can chat or talk via email to an “investment counsellor” to solve their financial problems.

What about “The Emperors Club”? What is it and why does The Seiden Strategies tout it?

Well, marketing materials on the website claim that members of the Emperors club will receive something called priority enrollment in addition to breakout sessions and the “brain dust”.

We assure you that these fancy terminologies are meaningless.

Sam Seiden is just using mumbo jumbo to make the product sound real and beneficial.

This is how internet marketers talk when they are selling nothing but would like to get more money out of your pocket.

Does The Seiden Strategies have any real performance record?

The trading school includes a “performance page” that is not clear in terms of what was being traded, profits and losses including drawdown.

The performance page only contains results for the last 4 months.

The performance page also proclaims a win rate of 85% and 61% on the minimums.

But what most people don’t realize is that win rate is something that only newbies pursue, not the experienced traders.

Look, if the average profit in all the wins is $1 yet one or two losses will knock down $400 from the profit, then we say this is not a profitable strategy despite the high win rate.

If you’re a professional trader and investor, you should be looking for actual metrics like the assets that were being traded, time of execution and closing of trades, drawdown and so on.

Is this performance result even real to start with?

According to The Seiden Strategies disclaimer statement, this performance results isn’t real.. It’s hypothetical.

These guys are even saying they are not liable for your losses.

I would be scared of signing this disclosure and continuing with any of the products and services offered by this website, given that Sam is a well-known fraudster.


Our review concludes that The Seiden Strategies is a scam.

It is also intriguing that it is barely a year when Sam agreed to a settlement by the FTC and yet he is here again, with a fresh scam.

Why do authorities choose to look elsewhere? I have no idea.

But this is truly sickening.

Thanks for reading our review.

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