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Welcome to the Online Trading Academy review

Online Trading Academy aka OTA is operated by multiple fake trading educators and charlatans. They promise students millions of dollars every year in trading revenue.

OTA is operating in a similar manner to snake oil peddlers such as, Trading with Venus, Price Action and Income, Base Camp Trading among others.

Online Trading Academy operators are extremely greedy.

They make it look like a few sessions of coaching and using their so-called patented trading strategy will make students millionaires in a few months.

The website is registered anonymously. data suggests that the domain is decades old. OTA or Trading Academy offers education in Forex, Stocks, Futures and Options.

The trading courses offered by Online Trading Academy come with a hefty price tag, which is quite typical with trading educators who sell snake oil.

It is not unusual for naive students to spend $20,000.00 on a Trading Academy course.

online trading academy review

Counselors or what they call trading coach appear to be hellbent on making money off students. The trading methodology is convoluted and a total waste of time.

In the end, students who attempt to go down the beaten path end up miserable and financially broke… in a worse state than they came in.

The trading educators at are experienced sales people who take you through a pre-screening session before you can be served with an intrusive questionnaire.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to judge your financial status so that the bozos can determine whether or not you’re a waste of time.

I might say that these con artists also take new students through an intense grilling sessions to get to know their financial status.

But they make it look innocent such that the average person will never suspect that anything is amiss.

This awful trading educator is a scumbag.

In this Online Trading Academy review, we will provide an overview of what Trading Academy sells, how they cheat the financially desperate as well as many despicable things they do to students who are desperate to make millions through trading.

Trading Academy review

The strategy is very smart. The presentation is top-notch.

If you want people who attended business school for the purpose of selling snake oil on the internet, then Trading Academy is a classic example.

They’re the kind of people that sell ice cream to Eskimos. They make the financially-desperate believe that OTA is offering an opportunity that has never been heard of before.

In fact, broke people are the ones that fall for their trap.

They are primarily selling trading education in Forex, stocks, futures and Options. But within these categorizes, there are several courses which require students to folk out anywhere between $700 per month to $13,750 in 3 months.

Here’s a breakdown of what Online Trading Academy is offering:

(a) Forex Trading course

A ten 3 hour session on the virtual classroom goes for $5,500. XLT Forex trading costs $9,350 in the first 3 months and then $700 per month thereafter.

ota reviews

Or you could spend $13,750 for the first 3 months and have the ability to retake the course for a lifetime.

(b) Stock Trading course

Online Trading Academy sells stock trading magic for $5,500. This is a ten 3 hour session course.

It has an XLT stock trading course as well which is designed to make students cough $9,350 in the first 3 months, then $700 monthly thereafter or $13,750 for the first 3 months and have the ability to retake the course for a lifetime.

(c) Futures Trading Course

This Futures trading course teaches the magic of trading futures in the following categories:

  • Equities Index Futures
  • Treasury Futures
  • Commodity Futures
  • Energy and Metal
  • Forex Futures

Professional Futures online trading course costs $5,500. Like the first two options, this course consists of 10 sessions that run for 3 hours every day.

xlt forex trading course review ota

If students want to make even more millions, they’re enticed to choose the XLT Futures Trading course.

Now, pricing is the same as in the first two courses for Forex and stocks.

(d) Options Trading course

Professional options trader course costs $5,500. If traders want to make more millions, they are enticed to choose the XLT options trader course for professionals.

A money grab is a money grab. So Online Trading Academy operators ensure that the classic XLT price tag applies in every option available.

Please note: there are many more courses offered by OTA whose mission is to help align the pockets of the company.

These include wealth management courses costing $1000 and up to $13,750 in 3 months.

Remember that monthly subscription also apply.

The hungry Trading Academy bozos even have ”specialty courses” too. Mastering the mental game is a 2 day course that will cost you $2000.

Online Trading Academy is also offering a 2 days course on technical analysis strategies. This one too requires students to folk out $2000.

If you think this is enough, you’ll be shocked because the charlatans still have much more to offer and the pricing tag is something that will make even the world’s riches families frown.

The Mastermind Community is basically giving you access to their supposed trading community but the prerequisite is that students must have partaken the XLT trading courses mentioned above.

Remember that if you take all the XLT trading courses demanded by Trading Academy, you’ll have spent over $20,000 in trading education alone.

The Mastermind Community further requires students to cough an additional $15,000 in the first year and then $5000 per year thereafter.

If you don’t want this option, OTA is offering you the chance to become a member for life if you can spend $25,000.

When you pay this amount, Trading Academy provides access to a public and private trading room, market screener, Master Mind Community Clubhouse, mastermind team building, office hours with top instructors etc.

Online Trading Academy review: the promise

They claim that in the last 20 years, has been dedicated to financial education.

They want traders to believe that Trading Academy is committed to enriching lives on a global scale through exceptional trading and investing education.

They’re also offering live trading room together with tools which they claim will align to their student’s style of trading, asset class and learning objective.

OTA is allegedly working with experienced instructors who want to see students make money.

They even claim that students love Online Trading Academy but feedback or reviews from real students who got hurt when they took the road to OTA say otherwise.

OTA review: The real thing on the ground

The bottom line is the bottom line.

Nobody loves to hear the truth and so we’re going to remind you here again.

That a trading school can offer trading education costing over $30,000 is a stupid joke.

Whether they’re selling access to trading rooms or magic indicators and patented trading strategies, the bottom line is that traders want to know if these instructors/counselors are making money by trading or selling trading education.

What you will not hear is that an instructor at Trading Academy is willing to show his live trades to students.

The sales pitch is more of making promises than proving that the patented trading strategies work.

The operators are good at promoting the lie. They’re willing to invest in Google ads to deceive more people.

Actually before I wrote this review, I was out scouting for a trading school to write a review about.

I found many of them peddling all kinds of bullshit and a few genuine ones like the one I recommended here called I am a Day Trader.

But stood out because of the sales pitch and the deception which I came to learn later on.

I looked at the fee structure and immediately realized something was wrong.

I someone found my way through one of their live trading sessions.

I wondered which kind of a millionaire trader was spending his weekends teaching students instead of playing golf outside.

I also wondered why this counselor )or can I call them an instructor) was Waring tattered shoes and rocking a very ugly haircut.

I was angry and frustrated because the person didn’t seem to understand what he was teaching well.

But what ruined my day was the fact that the trading strategy was convoluted and bogus to say the least. It was an insult to me and other traders in this chat room.

Is Trading Academy (OTA) a scam?

My conclusion is this; is offering snake oil. They’ve invested in experienced sales people who can lick the wax out of your ear just to sell you the next big thing.

The online Trading academy reviews that you see on the internet are fake if they say positive things about this shady trading school.

You can find them on forums like TrustPilot, Forex Peace Army, Yelp and in many other places.

With a little bit of common sense, most traders will instinctively know that OTA is selling nothing for thousands of dollars.

Their investment course are a sham. The trading educators have zero experience in trading. They don’t hold any live trading accounts.

They teach you through demo accounts.

If you want to see somebody angry and frustrated, ask Trading Academy whether any of these educators can provide their live trading statements for the last 3 months.

Ask them if they have a live trading account that has been funded with real money and is actively trading the stocks or Forex market as claimed on the sales pages of OTA website.

You will be kicked out like a thief.

Thanks for reading the Online Trading Academy review.

If you’d like to test this oasis of scumbags, go and participate in their online workshop. It’s free but make sure that you don’t lose your mind in their hypnosis.

The ability to use common sense and think rationally is what shall save you from a scam like Trading Academy (OTA).

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We’d like to hear from you guys.

3 thoughts on “Trading Academy Review: Scam Online Trading Academy(OTA)”

  1. they’re being investigated for fraud right. I know someone who’s been there and still not making any money after spending more than 20K.

  2. They’re been investigated for fraud in the USA. I know someone who’s been there after many years still no making any money after spending over 20K

  3. Several major lawsuits happening with this place. They have lost their most successful franchise in Atlanta Ga, and a ton of instructors that are interested in protecting their name have left and started their own trading sites. (All snake oil salesmen and women) Sam Seiden ( has resurfaced to scam more people out of $6900 a year with Jasmine Wang. Below are a list of the lawsuits:

    Lawsuits pending! BUYER BEWARE!!



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