The Grandmaster EA Review: Forex robot by A1 Trading

Welcome to the Grandmaster EA Forex robot review.

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The Grandmaster EA is a semi-automated trading system designed to adapt with market movements according to the user’s set parameters.

The developer (A1 Trading) is making it clear that Grandmaster Forex robot is a grid trading strategy and a system that requires the intervention of the user.

A1 Trading is also the developer of multiple trading systems which include The Breakout Super Scanner, the engulfing Hunter, Candlestick pattern Scanner, the Currency Strength meter and the XMR indicator.

The Grandmaster Forex robot costs $250 per license. The developer also provides a list of features which include parameters such as lot sizing, grid level distance, multiple grid levels, profit targets, optional max stop loss and a fully configurable informational panel.

A1 Trading is associated with a person whose name is TraderNick FX. TraderNick FX is known for creating grid strategy systems.

Furthermore, TraderNickFX’s products are never accompanied by verifiable trading results.

We therefore want to see in our Grandmaster Forex robot’s review whether this product will be different from the others.

Is Grandmaster EA legit?

The sales page does not provide complete information about their EA. The only thing they’ve said is that their EA is a grid strategy system.

They’ve also listed a couple of features on their sales page and called it a day.

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To add salt to injury, TraderNickFX has provided a screenshot of a myfxbook account named ST4 (GM).

We’re not able to verify whether this account belongs to A1 Trading. Furthermore, the screenshot suggests that this trading account has been active for a few days only.

We do not know what to make of these “results”. We have no idea why A1 Trading is making a mediocre presentation and hoping that clients will buy their product for $250.


Every trading strategy has some advantages and disadvantages.

In the case of Grandmaster Forex robot, A1 Trading is suggesting that their EA can profit from both trending and ranging markets.

The strategy involves observing overbought and oversold levels in order to identify reversals.

In addition to this, this Forex robot isn’t compatible with FIFO rules due to its hedging strategy.

All in all, we do not think this product meets the standards of our most recommended trading products and services.

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