TraderNickFX Review: A1 Trading Solutions Forex Robots and Membership

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Trader Nick FX provides trading software, signals and access to VIP community.

According to the sales page, Trader Nick FX is a team of 3 guys; Nick, Val and Frank. They claim to operate this website from Atlanta, GA.

They also want traders to know that is all about “servicing traders worldwide” since they provide A1 Trading solutions.

They currently have one expert advisor called the Grandmaster Forex robot.

Trader Nick believes that he can help traders mimic how banking institutions trade.

He believes that every trader must at least try once to build and manage positions before taking profit.

Since TraderNickFX is providing a variety of trading solutions, it’s important that we review their products and services thoroughly before providing any recommendations.

A1 Trading Solutions review –tradernickfx

I’m going to review the trading strategy of Grandmaster Forex robot, its results as well as client feedback (if any).

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TraderNickFX (A1 Trading Solutions) review

While is the name of this vendor’s website, they keep referring to themselves as A1 Trading solutions.

Their main priorities are to provide traders with top-level online communities, trading software and tools in addition to informative media content (I assume this means educating traders through online coaching).

AI Trading solutions also believes that their market analysts and support staff will help take traders to the next level in their journeys as traders.

In terms of trading software, Trader Nick has an automated trading system in addition to manual trading tools and scanners.

On top of that, they claim they can custom-build trading software for customers who need to automate their trades on the MT4 trading platform.

For the membership community, Trader Nick FX is providing 2 levels of membership namely VIP and Gold VIP membership.

All of these membership communities are based on the Discord App platform.

Trader Nick FX has listed a number of benefits associated with joining their trader communities.

Under Gold VIP membership, TraderNickFX provides the following benefits:

  • Access to VIP Trade Alerts
  • The Grandmaster Forex Robot
  • The Currency Strength Meter (EA)
  • The Engulfing Hunter (EA)
  • The Breakout Super Scanner (EA)
  • Free software and perks in the future

The price for Gold VIP membership is $499 (one time payment).

As for the standard VIP membership, TraderNickFX provides the following:

  • Trading signals from A1 Trading solutions market analysts
  • Live 24/7 trading room
  • Trade ideas sharing with veteran traders
  • Nick’s trading strategy blueprint
  • Library of Educational content

Monthly subscription for the standard VIP membership is $49.99 for 1 month or $159.99 for one year.

TraderNick Forex robots

The Grandmaster Forex robot appears to be TraderNickFX’s most prominent expert advisor.

They’ve also included a short sales video that briefs the community concerning the Grandmaster Forex robot, its strategy and its benefits.

However, this video clip is extremely brief as it covers very basic information about Grandmaster Forex EA.

The Grandmaster Forex robot comes with default settings provided by the developer TraderNickFX (A1 Trading).

On top of this, AI Trading tells users that they can also intervene manually where necessary.

It appears that Grandmaster Forex robot is not entirely automated.

On the other hand, we feel that Nick is very confident in the sales pitch.

He appears to understand multiple principles of Forex trading, which the kind of impression that traders may be looking for.

Nevertheless, this does not qualify the Grandmaster Forex robot in the status of the best Forex robots and indicators.

TraderNickFX will have to work extra hard before we can give their software a status.

Having observed the manner in which emphasis was put on the Grandmaster Forex robot, we believed that this was the same case with other Forex robots like the Currency Strength Meter, the Engulfing Hunter Forex Robot and the Breakout Super Scanner.

Unfortunately, TraderNickFX has not provided any briefs concerning their other Forex robots other than listing them as advantages that come with their Gold membership community.

TraderNickFX has also hinted that their Grandmaster Forex robot is a grid-based trading system.

In our experience, these trading robots are a huge risk to traders.

To counter our observation, TraderNickFX has reiterated that their Grandmaster Forex robot has a “heavy focus on risk management”.

He elaborates that Grandmaster Forex robots identifies reversals by focusing on overbought and oversold levels.

After this, the robot identifies grid levels and uses position size multiplier to open multiple trades while hedging the market.

With this setup, traders can trade on both trending and ranging markets. Unfortunately, grid-based strategies are not conforming to FIFO rules.

This means that traders in the US will never be allowed to use this EA.

The robot Grandmaster EA costs $250 and is optimized for two pairs only: These are USDJPY and USDCHF respectively.

Refund policy states that all purchases are final and no refund will be offered.

TraderNickFX trading results

Unfortunately, the Grandmaster Forex robot and their other EAs don’t have a myfxbook account.

TraderNickFX is only showing us a YouTube video with backtests modeled on poor modeling quality.

The only myfxbook account provided on the sales page is associated with Nick’s manual trades.

It’s not clear why the vendor is avoiding myfxbook account and focusing on documenting his manual trades.

This will certainly be detrimental to their results ratings.

Client reviews

We’ve not seen any reviews from third party sources yet.

It appears that A1 Trading is a brand new Forex trading operation. So with this review, we believe traders will find a hub for raising their voices and opinions regarding TraderNickFX trading products and services.


The only thing to appreciate would be the explanation regarding TraderNickFX’s grid trading strategy and risk management approach.

Nonetheless, we expected them to provide their verified trading results for the Forex robots.

We just don’t want to see Nick’s manual trades as this does not provide a clear picture concerning the performance of their other robots.

Thanks for reading this Trader Nick FX review. You can leave your comments so that the community can join the discussion.

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