Review: Swiss Unions a Scam Broker is a website that offers a platform for trading Cryptocurrencies. Swiss Unions even claims that they’re holding CHF 5 Billion in Cryptocurrencies which are coming from their customers’ deposits. This kind of information appears to be a marketing gimmick and not something that one can verify.

We’ve also noticed that SwissUnions’ website is all about lies and confusion to persuade you to deposit money into the platform. On one hand they say the company is operated in Switzerland but on the other, they mention that the company behind the website is operated in Cayman Islands.

The company in question is called Bradbury Investment Fund (SPC) Limited, and is allegedly regulated by the Islands’ monetary authority.

It’s also not possible to have a license and still get blacklisted by other financial watchdogs such as FINMA.

As a matter of fact, Swiss Unions is listed on this FINMA page and you can see that the authority has alleged that the company is not regulated or recognized.

This is consistent with the trends that fraudulent entities like Metafi Yielders follow to steal money from unsuspecting victims.

SwissUnions Review

As usual, the website is operating as a broker and asking for a minimum deposit of $250. They do not want to care whether or not you know how to trade.

The risk of losing your money (even if this broker was legitimate) would be like 100% if you’re trading a live account in your first attempt.

I encourage you to subscribe for a trading signals service or education program if you want to trade by yourself. Otherwise losing your money will be inevitable.

Other than offering a trading platform called ‘Swiss Unions Web-trader’, they also offer fund management services.

The broker offers various investment packs with brief explanation of how revenue is generated from those packs.

They even have an ‘investment plan’ for Covid-stricken families who lost their jobs and are yet to recover.

And they’re also suggesting that Arbitrage trading is allowed on this platform. Is this for real?

Most of these scammers don’t allow arbitrage trading as they feel you will short change them. So we’re surprised that SwissUnions is ‘allowing it’.

What we know is that this broker cannot be transparent and neither can they speak any truth. So if they say one thing, implementing it won’t be possible especially when you have given them your hard-earned money.

The truth about SwissUnions that beginners may not know

There’s no clear information as to where the company is based at. One one hand they say it’s in Switzerland on another they say it’s in Cayman Islands. This is contradicting and shows that the people behind this website lack transparency.

They are not licensed by any financial authority, thus investing with them will lead to losses.

Their fund management service does not come with performance records to allow us see what we will earn, the risks involved, drawdown etc.

The 250 USD which they’re asking for is for letting you test the platform. Sooner or later, the boileroom scammers will convince you to deposit more money on their platform.

They might even tell you that if you want to withdraw money from their platform, you must deposit more money.

Some victims of these scams have been desperate to the point of depositing more money hoping to withdraw the fake millions.

How to recover your money from Swiss Unions

If you have lost a big sum of money from this scam, all hope is not lost just yet as you can pursue a chargeback.

You can do that by using the chargeback verification chat on this website or fill in the form in this review.

Someone will get back to you with more information. You don’t need to worry because evaluating your case to see whether a chargeback will be successful is free of charge. No obligations.

The Conclusion

SwissUnions is a scammers’ platform targeting the financially naive. Do not give them any money because these people are not interested in helping you.

The red flags are clearly written on the site. If you see a financial services website that does not uphold professional ethics such as transparency, then you need to avoid this kind of platform.